C there is one storage option that when defined in a

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Unformatted text preview: when defined in a tablespace, cannot be overridden. That option is MINIMUM EXTENT, which ensures that every extent size used in the tablespace is a multiple of the specified integer value. But this option does not specify the initial size of a tablespace. D: The sum of the INITIAL and NEXT clauses of the CREATE TABLESPACE statement do not determine the initial size of a tablespace. Oracle 8, DBA Certification Exam Guide, Jason S. Couchman, p. 337-342 Chapter 7: Managing the Physical Database Structure QUESTION 62: What can a permanent tablespace contain? Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-023 A. Only temporary segments. B. Only permanent segments. C. Both temporary and ordinary segments. D. Both permanent and temporary segments. Answer: D Explanation: Answer D is correct. Users can be assigned to either permanent or temporary tablespaces for creating temporary segments. If the user assigned to a permanent tablespace for creating temporary segments, the temporary segment will be created at the time the disk sort is required. Incorrect Answers: A: A permanent tabl...
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