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Unformatted text preview: oose two) A. A datafile becomes full. B. A user encounters slow response time from the application. C. Tables owned by a user exhibit rapid and anticipated growth. D. Database objects are reorganized and placed in different tablespace. Answer: C, D Explanation: Answers A and C are correct because a quota is a limit on the amount of space the user's database objects can occupy within the tablespace. If a user attempts to create a database object that exceeds that user's quota for that tablespace, then the object creation script will fail. A quota clause should be issued separately for every tablespace other than the temporary tablespace on which the user will have access to create database objects. Users need quotas on tablespaces to create database objects only. They do not need a quota on a tablespace to UPDATE, INSERT, or DELETE data in an existing object in the tablespace, so long as they do have the appropriate privilege on the object for data being inserted, updated or deleted. Inc...
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