Choose two a the user process b the oracle login

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Unformatted text preview: A. The user process. B. The Oracle login process. C. The Oracle server process. D. The system monitor (SMON) process. E. The process monitor (PMON) process. Answer: A, C Explanation: Answers A and C are correct. When user starts a new session on the database server the user and the server process are involved. Server process acts on the user's behalf to pull Oracle data from disk into the buffer cache, where the user can manipulate it. There are two ways DBAs can set up Oracle to run server process: shared servers and dedicated servers. Incorrect Answers: B: There is no Oracle login process in Oracle. D: The system monitor process (SMON) is used to handle instance recovery after database startup if necessary and to coalescing free space within tablespace into contiguous segments. E: The system monitor process (PMON) is used to clean up messes left by dedicated servers with no user sessions attached to them - it rolls back changes and silently kills the dedicated server in order to release its memory and CPU usage. Oracle 8, DBA...
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