D there is no commit scn pool in the sga oracle 8 dba

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Unformatted text preview: Exam Guide, Jason S. Couchman, p. 257-258 Chapter 6: Basics of the Oracle Database Architeture QUESTION 142: Which component is NOT part of the shared pool? A. The library cache. B. The shared SQL area. C. The program global area. D. The data dictionary cache. Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-023 Answer: C Explanation: Answer C is correct. The PGA (Program Global Area) is separate memory structure from the shared pool. The PGA helps user processes execute by storing information like bind variables values, sort areas, and other aspects of cursor handling. Incorrect Answers: A: The library cache is part of the shared pool. It is used for storing parsed SQL statement text and the statement's executing plan for reuse. C: The shared SQL area is also part of the shared pool. D: The data dictionary cache (row cache) is part of the shared pool. It is used for storing recently accessed information (table and column definitions, usernames, passwords, and privileges) from the Oracle data dictionary. Oracle 8, DBA Certification Exam Guide, Jason S. Couchman, p. 257-258 Cha...
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