You need to set logcheckpointtimeout to zero to

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Unformatted text preview: ed checkpoints. LOG_CHECKPOINT_TIMEOUT is the number of seconds that should pass before another checkpoint occurs. When a log switch occurs, LGWR stops writing to the current online redo log group, a checkpoint occurs and DBWR writes the dirty buffers to the datafiles. DBWR writes to the datafiles at every log switch. The frequency of checkpoints can be controlled by these initialization parameters: LOG_CHECKPOINT_INTERVAL enables checkpoints based on the number of blocks processed. Setting the parameter to 0 disables interval checkpoints. LOG_CHECKPOINT_TIMEOUT enables time-based checkpoints. Setting the parameter to 0 disables time-based checkpoints - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-023 Incorrect Answers: B: The value you set for LOG_CHECKPOINT_INTERVAL is the number of operating system blocks LGWR should write to the redo log (after a log switch) before a checkpoint should occur. C: LOG_CHECKPOINT_TIMEOUT is numeric value. D: LOG_CHECKPOINT_INTERVAL is numeric value. Oracle 8, DBA Certific...
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