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Unformatted text preview: terprise Manager can generate database reports. Which three statements are true about this feature? (Choose three) A. It can generate bar chart diagrams. B. It generates HTML reports of database objects. C. You can extend the reports with your own SQL selects. D. It can be run stand-alone, without a repository or agent. Answer: B, C, D QUESTION 120: Which statement correctly describes setup of a server-persistent parameter file (SPFILE) when used with Real Application Clusters? A. One SPFILE, created from a text parameter file (PFILE), is required for each instance. B. You must create a separate text parameter file (PFILE) for each instance and merge them with the CREATE SPFILE FROM PFILE =( list_of_files ); command to create one common SPFILE. C. You can add the instance-specified parameters to a common SPFILE with the ALTER SYSTEM _ SCOPE=SPFILE SID=name ; command. D. One common SPFILE is required for instances: it has a parameter INSTANCE_name_SPFILE, which in turn points to the instance-specific SPFILE. Answer: D QUESTION 121: At a minimum, from what point should you leave the RESOURCE_MANAGER_PLAN initialization parameter set to an existing plan, in order to be able to issue the ALTER SYSTEM QUIESCE RESTRICTED command? A. Since instance startup. B. Since database creation. C. Since it was set using the ALTER SYSTEM command. D. Since the TIMED_STATISTICS initialization parameter was set. Answer: A QUESTION 122: You are using Oracle Shared Server. If the large pool is not configured, which two are stored in the shared pool instead of in private user memory? (Choose two.) - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-030 A. bitmaps B. user sort results C. user session information D. cursor state information E. BLOBS Answer: C, D QUESTION 123: Which two pieces of information are in the alert log and can be effectively used for database performance tuning? (Choose two.) A. process ID of PMON B. System Change Number C. non-default initialization parameters D. operating system authentication prefix E. statements that contain such keywords as ALTER, STARTUP, SHUTDOWN, ARCHIVE LOG, and RECOVER Answer: C, E QUESTION 124: You word for a manufacturing company that frequently runs its production lines 24 hours a day. The accounting department is working with the development staff on plans to create an application to track manufacturing costs at the shop floor level. As a senior DBA, you have been assigned the task of ensuring that the new application will run with sub-second response time as information is entered into the application via terminals installed in the manufacturing area. Daily, weekly and monthly reports will also be run overnight detailing the previous period's activity. The reports must run during a time of high user interaction with the database. Choose two tasks that you should perform to make sure that the new application meets its sub-second response time requirement. (Choose two.) A. Help design the screen layout used to input the data into the application. B. Help with the design of the tables used in the application...
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