A on the client pc in the control panel network

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Unformatted text preview: ile C. ping utility D. TCP/IP Answer: A,B QUESTION 83: Where is the connection timeout value for the Uni Call Interface (UCI) set? A. On the client PC in the control panel - Network - Protocol - TCP/IP Protocol properties. B. On the server in the path/unishared/unirpc/unirpcservices file. C. On the server in /usr/ud52/include/udtconfig file. D. On the client PC in the WINNT/system32 directory. Answer: B QUESTION 84: You attempt to modify the ksms.s library and relink the Oracle database executable to use the address 0X15000000 for the System Global Area (SGA). You received an error. Which set of commands would you use to restore the original settings? A. echo 0X1000000 > ksms.s make -f ins_rdbms.mk ksms.s B. genksms -s 0X10000000 > ksms.ogenksms > ksms.s make -f ins_rdbms.mk ksms.o C. echo 0X15000000 >ksms.s make -f ins_rdbms.mk ioracle Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-036 D. make -f ins_rdbms.mk ksms.s make -f ins_rdbms.mk ioracle E. genksms >ksms.s make -f ins_rdbms.mk ksms.o make -f ins_rdbms.mk ioracle Answer: E QUESTION 85: Which hardware platform does Oracle certify? (Choose all that apply.) A. Oracle does not certify hardware B. Sun Sparc C. IBM Mainframe D. Intel Pentium E. Alpha F. HP PA-RISC Answer: A QUESTION 86: You need to test a database connection and ensure that the database as well as the listener is up and running. Which network tool or utility would you use? A. Listener Control utility B. traceroute utility C. Oracle Net Manager D. Oracle Names Control utility E. Oracle Connection Manager Control utility F. trcroute utility Answer: C QUESTION 87: You have started an instance with the DBWR_IO_SLAVES initialization parameter set to 2. What will be the result of setting this parameter? (Choose two.) A. The TAPE_ASYNCH_IO initialization parameter will be set to True . B. Oracle server will update the value for the DB_CACHE_SIZE initialization parameter as per the system requirement. C. The PRE_PAGE_SGA initialization parameter will be set to Fa...
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