Answer cdf question 110 the snapshot statistics show

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Unformatted text preview: single oraInventory directory location on a server. E. By default, the user root owns the oraInventory directory. F. Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) uses the oraInventory directory to identify the Oracle products installed on a system. Answer: C,D,F QUESTION 110: The snapshot statistics show high pages in and demand rate values. Which three methods can you implement to overcome this problem? (Choose three.) A. Reduce the size of System Global Area (SGA). B. Tune application SQL for sorts. C. Configure dedicated servers. D. Implement shared servers. E. Schedule operating system (OS) processes to run simultaneously. F. Host the database and the OS services on the same system. Answer: A,B,D QUESTION 111: Which two options enable host name resolution? (Choose two.) A. TCP/IP B. hosts file C. Domain name server (DNS) D. ping utility Answer: B,C QUESTION 112: You installed the Management Server and Enterprise Manager Web site components on your machine. You attempt to execute the oemctl configure rws script. Which two are required to ensure that the script does not fail with an error message? (Choose two.) A. The user REPORTS_USER is granted the OEM_MONITOR role. B. The default password for the user SYSMAN is changed. C. The Management Server on the reporting Web server is running. D. The default password for the user REPORTS_USER is changed. E. The Intelligent Agent is running. - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-036 F. No user is accessing the Oracle Enterprise Manager console. Answer: C,D QUESTION 113: Which three methods can you use to correlate Statspack and operating system (OS) measurements? (Choose three.) A. Use the at command to schedule the OS statistics through OEM. B. Print Statspack reports from sar . C. Run Statspack and the sar task continuously. D. Use OEM Performance Manager to view and record OS statistics. E. Use Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Outline Management to manage plan stability outlines. F. Use the cron utility to schedule a job to colle...
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