C the apache user must be a member of the oper group

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Unformatted text preview: y of Oracle HTTP Server. B. apache is a database user account that is created during Oracle software installation. C. The apache user must be a member of the oper group for the successful functioning of the HTTP Server. D. You should move the apache user into the apache group after the installation is complete. E. The Oracle HTTP Server must be started by the apache user in order for ports reserved for apache to be made available to the database. Answer: A,D QUESTION 21: You are accessing a remote database by using the following username, password, and connect string: user1/user1@orcl_hr You need the following details: - the host name on which the remote database resides - whether the remote database is using dedicated server mode or shared server mode - the protocol being used to access the remote database Which command or utility will give you the desired information? A. Oracle Connection Manager Control utility B. trcroute command C. Oracle Net Configuration Assistant Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-036 D. tnsping command E. Oracle Names Control utility Answer: D QUESTION 22: View the Exhibit and examine the output of the ls command. Which three statements are true about the output of this command? (Choose three.) A. The squid service is stopped when this runlevel is entered. B. The isdn script can be made executable by specifying the chmod command for the S09isdn entry. C. Customized scripts cannot be placed in this directory. D. The rawdevices script is executed after the sshd script. E. Scripts are started up for runlevels 0 to 5. F. Scripts are associated with runlevel 5. Answer: A,D,F QUESTION 23: You are working in a Linux 32-bit processor environment with 4 GB RAM. You need to increase the size of System Global Area (SGA) from the maximum of 1.7 GB up to 2.7 GB. Which method would you use to increase the SGA size so that all the components of SGA can make use of the memory that has been added? A. Use the enterprise kernel that includes the Page Address Extension (PAE) feature. B. Increase the value...
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