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Unformatted text preview: d you set to enable asynchronous input/output (I/O) for raw devices, file system files, and sequential devices? (Choose three.) A. FILESYSTEMIO_OPTIONS = asynch B. FILESYSTEMIO_OPTIONS = directIO C. TAPE_ASYNCH_IO = True D. OPEN_LINKS = 10 E. DISK_ASYNCH_IO = True F. BACKUP_TAPE_IO_SLAVES = True G. FILE_MAPPING = False Answer: A,C,E - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-036 QUESTION 13: You are creating a database by using Database Configuration Assistant. You plan to use the database for a Geographical Information System (GIS) to implement geo-reference. Which database feature must you include? A. Oracle Ultra Search B. Oracle OLAP C. Oracle Label Security D. Oracle Spatial E. Oracle Data Mining Answer: D QUESTION 14: You are using Database Configuration Assistant to create a database. Which database template allows the creation of additional tablespaces during database creation? A. New Database B. Data Warehouse C. Transaction Processing D. General Purpose Answer: A QUESTION 15: You have successfully installed the Intelligent Agent (IA) on Oracle 9.2. You executed the following command to start the IA: lsnrctl dbsnmp_start You received the following error message: NL-00853: undefined command "dbsnmp_start". What would you do to rectify the problem and start IA ? A. Set the TNS_ADMIN environment variable to point to the location of listener.ora and then execute the lsnrctl dbsnmp_start command. B. Execute the agentctl start agent command. C. Start the HTTP Server and then execute the lsnrctl dbsnmp_start command. D. Configure Oracle Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and then execute the lsnrctl dbsnmp_start command. E. Run the script and then execute the lsnrctl dbsnmp_start command. F. Create the snmp.ora file in Oracle home directory for the agent and then execute the lsnrctl dbsnmp_start command. - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-036 Answer: B QUESTION 16: You need to test the connection to a database by using the net service name orcl2...
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