Choose three a if the net service name is not added

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Unformatted text preview: 1 . You executed the following tnsping command : tnsping orcl21 Which three statements are correct in this scenario? (Choose three.) A. If the net service name is not added to the tnsnames.ora file or to the name service in use, then the command will return an error message. B. The tnsping command tests if the database is up and running. C. The tnsping command returns all the hops taken by the tns packet to reach the destination service. D. The tnsping command contacts the listener corresponding to the service name, and checks if the listener is running. E. The tnsping command connects to the database as user scott/tiger by default. F. The tnsping command returns the time (in milliseconds) it took to reach the listener, if the connection is successful. Answer: A,D,F QUESTION 17: You have created the automatic database startup script oracle_start in /etc/rc.d/init.d . While starting up the server, you have been receiving the error service oracle_start does not support chkconfig . What must you do to fix this error? A. Place a copy of the oracle_start script in the rc2.d and rc3.d runlevel directories. B. Include the line #chkconfig: 2345 20 90 in the oracle_start script. C. Schedule a cron task to start up the database. D. Specify the path to the startup script in the oratab file. E. Run the script to add the script to the runlevel directories. Answer: B QUESTION 18: You are working in a multiple instance environment. In which file would you place references to all the local databases so that Intelligent Agent can discover them? A. B. C. D. oratab E. src.lst - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-036 Answer: D QUESTION 19: Which four sources contribute to network traffic? (Choose four.) A. Samba B. swap partition C. additional Host Bus Adapters D. HTTP Server E. Oracle Net F. Network file system Answer: A,D,E,F QUESTION 20: Which two statements are correct regarding the apache user? (Choose two.) A. The apache user must be granted minimal privileges to ensure the securit...
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