Choose three a the collectstatssh script is run at

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Unformatted text preview: 036 Examine the at command: at -f /user21a/ 11:27 -2min Which three statements are true about this command? (Choose three.) A. The script is run at 11:29 everyday. B. The vpnd network daemon needs to be running for the successful execution of this command. C. The -f argument ensures that the output is displayed on the standard output file. D. The script is run at 11:25. E. If the -f argument is not specified, then the at command reads from the standard input file. F. The -f argument reads the commands from the script. G. It is mandatory to specify an executable script as an argument to the at command. Answer: D,E,F QUESTION 60: Which four statements are correct regarding the jobs created using Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM)? (Choose four.) A. The creator of the job can run the job on a node while using a different username and password. B. To schedule a job, you must connect at the time of job creation to the node on which the job will be run. C. To modify the target type of a submitted job, you must delete and resubmit the job. D. You need to submit the job once, regardless of the number of targets on which the job will be run. E. You can combine two or more tasks in one job. F. A Fixit job and the corresponding event should be scheduled at the same time. Answer: A,C,D,E QUESTION 61: You created a database manually. You attempt to delete the database by using Database Configuration Assistant, but you realize that the database is not available for deletion. What could be the reason? A. The initialization parameter file for the database is not available in the default location. B. The datafiles are not Oracle-managed files. C. Database Configuration Assistant does not support the deletion of manually created databases. D. The Oracle SID for the database is not listed in the oratab file. E. Database Configuration Assistant is not installed properly. F. At least one database user is connected to the database. - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-036 Answer: D QUESTION 62: On a Mi...
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