Choose two a specify the runlevel in the rcd

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Unformatted text preview: by the kernel. 3. Deduct memory that will be reserved for system processes. 4. Round off the remaining memory down to the next lower multiple of 4 MB. Answer: A QUESTION 120: Which two methods would you use to boot to a nondefault runlevel? (Choose two.) A. Specify the runlevel in the rc#.d directory. B. Specify the runlevel as an argument for the inittab file. C. Specify the runlevel in the chmod command. D. Specify the runlevel at startup by using the boot loader program. E. Specify the runlevel in the init command. Answer: D,E QUESTION 121: You have the following entry in the /etc/fstab file: - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-036 / dev/hda5 /opt ext3 data=writeback 1 0 What is true about the data=writeback part of the entry with respect to the ext3 file system? A. The entry changes the run level to single-user mode. B. The entry specifies a tuning parameter for asynchronous input/output (I/O). C. The entry resizes the file system. D. The entry sets the journaling level so that the changes to the file system data as well as the metadata are logged. E. The entry sets the journaling level so that only the changes to the file system metadata are logged. Answer: E QUESTION 122: You are working in a Linux 32-bit processor environment with 4 GB RAM. You need to increase the size of System Global Area (SGA) from the maximum of 1.7 GB up to 2.7 GB by lowering the memory base and relocating SG A. Which three actions would you perform to increase the SGA size? (Choose three.) A. As user root , lower mapped _ base for the Linux shell used to start up and shut down the database. B. As user oracle , modify ksms.s and relink Oracle executable. C. As user root , modify the shmmin kernel parameter to increase the minimum size of the shared memory segment. D. As user root , modify ksms.o and relink Oracle executable. E. As user root , configure bigpages. F. As user root , modify the shmmax kernel parameter to accommodate the entire SGA. Answer: A,B,F QUESTION 123: Which two cases of network st...
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