D increase the value of the shmall kernel parameter e

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Unformatted text preview: for the SGA_MAX_SIZE initialization parameter. C. Lower mapped base and relocate SGA to use the lowered address. D. Increase the value of the shmall kernel parameter. E. Apply the high-memory Page Table Entries (PTE) patch. F. Relocate buffer cache so that it uses a memory-based file system. Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-036 Answer: C QUESTION 24: Which two Linux groups does Oracle collaborate with to enhance Linux functionality? (Choose two.) A. Red Hat B. Mandrake C. VA Linux D. Caldera E. Miracle F. UnitedLinux Answer: A,F QUESTION 25: View the Exhibit. You have issued the /sbin/lsmod command to display the list of currently loaded modules. Which two statements are correct regarding the modules displayed in the exhibit? (Choose two.) A. Some proprietary binary modules have been loaded with a license value other than General Public License (GPL). B. The lockd module is dependent on the nfs module. C. You can autoclean the iptable_filter module by using the rmmod rmmod ? command. D. The nfs module has been autocleaned by Linux. Answer: A,C QUESTION 26: You are installing the Oracle software on ora_box1 from ora_box2 . Which two options specify the commands that you would enter in ora_box2 to view the installation screens? (Choose two.) Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-036 A. $telnet ora_box1 $DISPLAY=ora_box2:0.0 $export DISPLAY B. $xhost +ora_box2 C. $DISPLAY=ora_box1:0.0 $export DISPLAY D. $xhost +ora_box1 Answer: A,D QUESTION 27: Which two statements are true about Oracle SID? (Choose two.) A. It is used while starting up the instance. B. It specifies the version number of the Oracle software that you are connecting to. C. It is used while connecting to a local instance. D. It specifies the global database name. E. It specifies the Oracle home directory. Answer: A,C QUESTION 28: Which command can you execute to display the statistics of total memory, swap usage, and adjustments to free and used memory? A. free B. top C. sar D. cat /proc/meminfo E. sysstat...
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