D the prepagesga parameter determines whether each

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Unformatted text preview: e DBWR processes. C. Setting the PRE_PAGE_SGA parameter to True gives better results in a system with a bigger page size. D. The PRE_PAGE_SGA parameter determines whether each Oracle server process should keep the entire System Global Area (SGA) to physical memory at session startup. E. If you set the PRE_PAGE_SGA parameter to True , then the process startup duration is increased. F. You cannot set the PRE_PAGE_SGA initialization parameter to True for the database with SGA _ MAX_SIZE greater than 1 GB. Answer: C,D,E QUESTION 49: Which two statements are true about Oracle SID? (Choose two.) A. It is used while starting up the instance. B. It is used while connecting to a local instance. C. It specifies the global database name. D. It specifies the Oracle home directory. E. It specifies the version number of the Oracle software that you are connecting to. Answer: A,B QUESTION 50: You upgraded the Linux operating system (OS). Which command would you use to relink all Oracle executables manually? A. opatch lsinventory -oh $ORACLE_HOME -all B. relink all C. opatch attach D. relink oracle E. relink utilities Answer: B Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-036 QUESTION 51: View the Exhibit and examine the output of the vmstat command. Which three statements are correct about the output? (Choose three.) A. In the first interval, the CPU was idle for 31% of the time. B. In the first interval, there is one process in uninterruptible sleep. C. In the second interval, the CPU has swapped out 30 processes. D. In the second interval, the CPU spends 1% of the time executing user code. E. In both intervals, there are no processes waiting for CPU time. F. In the second interval, the CPU has 98 interrupts per second. Answer: A,D,E QUESTION 52: Which package displays system usage graphs for CPU usage, memory usage, and system load? A. top B. xcpustate C. free D. xosview Answer: D QUESTION 53: The size of the System Global Area (SGA) is 2 GB. You want to ensure that the shmmax param...
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