The oracle instance is not up c the oraclesid

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Unformatted text preview: variable ORAENV_ASK=NO in the login script of a user and running the oraenv script. However, the oraenv script prompts the user for ORACLE_HOME . What could be the reason? A. The PATH variable does not include Oracle home directory. B. The Oracle instance is not up. C. The ORACLE_SID environment variable in the oratab file does not match with the current ORACLE_SID . D. The script was not run successfully during Oracle installation. E. The default location of the oraenv script has been changed. F. The user does not have write permissions on the oraenv file. Answer: C QUESTION 128: You set the PRE_PAGE_SGA initialization parameter to True . Which two outcomes will result due to the setting of this parameter value? (Choose two.) A. The value for DB_BLOCK_LRU_LATCHES will be set to 4. B. The database instance will simulate synchronous input/output (I/O). C. The startup process will take more time. D. The database instance cannot use multiple DBWR processes. E. Each Oracle server process will read the entire System Global Area (SGA) to physical memory at session startup. Answer: C,E QUESTION 129: Which four network components or services can be configured by using Oracle Net Manager? (Choose four.) A. profile B. Oracle HTTP Server C. service naming D. connection manager E. listener F. names server Answer: A,C,E,F - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-036 QUESTION 130: Examine the following PL/SQL command: dbms_job.submit (:v_jobnum,'statspack.snap;', trunc(susdate)+?.??/24, 'trunc(sysdate+1)+?.??/24', TRUE, :v_instnum); Which three statements about this command are true? (Choose three.) A. The command automatically displays snapshot statistics. B. The command returns an error if the instance is not running. C. This command schedules the snapshot to be taken at the same time everyday. D. This command can be used by the spauto.sql script to automate the collection of statistics. E. This command is specified in the crontab file to execute at the specified time everyday. F. This command can be...
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