Sources of tcp traffic d tcp statistics e speed of

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Unformatted text preview: h the netstat -sp command? A. list of remote systems that have TCP connections with the local system - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-036 B. comparison of TCP values between runs C. sources of TCP traffic D. TCP statistics E. speed of transfer of packets Answer: D QUESTION 91: You have created a user dba1 with oinstall as the primary group. Which operating system (OS) file would you check to verify the primary group of the local user dba1 ? A. user's home directory/.login B. /etc/system C. /etc/passwd D. user's home directory/.profile E. /etc/group Answer: C QUESTION 92: Which four network components or services can be configured by using Oracle Net Manager? (Choose four.) A. Oracle HTTP Server B. listener C. profile D. names server E. connection manager F. service naming Answer: B,C,D,F QUESTION 93: You have the following two Oracle homes on a machine: /u1/oracle/ora81 /u2/oracle/ora92 You have installed SQL*Plus in /u2/oracle/ora92 but not in /u1/oracle/ora81 . You have set the PATH and ORACLE_HOME environment variables as: PATH=/u1/oracle/ora81/bin:/u2/oracle/ora92/bin:$PATH ORACLE_HOME=/u1/oracle/ora81 You are trying to run SQL*Plus. What will happen? A. You will be able to run SQL*Plus successfully provided the intelligent agent is - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-036 running. B. You will be able to launch SQL*Plus, but it fails immediately before you can execute any command. C. You will be able to run SQL*Plus successfully provided the SERVICE environment variable is set. D. You will be able to run SQL*Plus provided the PATH variable is changed to: PATH=/u2/oracle/ora92/bin:/u1/oracle/ora81/bin:$PATH E. You will be able to run SQL*Plus successfully provided both the Oracle installations have entries in the /etc/oratab file. Answer: B QUESTION 94: Which command is used to identify the kernel version number? A. whatis B. which C. chkconfig D. uname uname ? E. ulimit ulimit ? Answer: D QUESTION 95: Which command would you use to display informati...
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