which three values can be specified for the scope

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Unformatted text preview: .) A. ALL B. PFILE C. BOTH D. NONE E. SPFILE F. MEMORY G. INSTANCE H. DATABASE Answer: C,E,F QUESTION 147: Redo log files are multiplexed in your database. The disk in which you have one of the redo log members is highly fragmented. In the process of defragmentation you lose the redo log member, which is not a member of the current group. How would you recover from the loss of the redo log member? A. SMON would automatically restore the lost file. B. You would need to restore the whole database from the last backup. C. You would need to restore the file from the last full database backup. D. You would need to use flashback technology to restore the lost redo log member. Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-042 E. You would need to use Recovery Manager (RMAN) to restore the lost redo log member. F. You would need to restore the missing log file by copying one of the remaining files from the same group. Answer: F QUESTION 148: Your application demands frequent connection and disconnection from the database. You have three listener processes that are listening for the database PROD. While setting up the connect string using Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Database Control, which two options would you select to balance the connection load across all the listener processes? (Choose two.) A. Use only the first address. B. Try one address, selected at random. C. Try each address, in order, until one succeeds. D. Try each address, randomly, until one succeeds. Answer: B,D QUESTION 149: You find today's performance of your production database to be the best ever. Therefore, you want to be notified in the future whenever the performance degrades by 10% of today's performance. What is the first step that you would take to ensure this? A. create baseline metrics for today's performance B. write the current database metrics to a database table and create a trigger to compare with future database statistics C. write the current database metrics to a flat file and create an operating...
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