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Unformatted text preview: not be a temporarytablespace. D.A newtablespacecan be a locally managedtablespace. E.A newtablespacecan be a dictionary-managedtablespace. F.A newtablespacecan use automatic segment space management. Answer: B, D, E QUESTION 85: Exhibit You work as a database administrator for Certkiller .com. While trying to access Enterprise Manager Database Control by using a browser, you get an error. See exhibit. On further investigation, you find that the Oracle database 10g installation has just finished and your colleague, Certkiller who installed the software, has not noted down all the port numbers. How do you determine the port number of the HTTP listener that is being used by Enterprise Manager DatabaseConrol? A.From thesqlnet.orafile Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-042 B.From thetsnames.orafile C.From thelistener.orafile D.From theportlist.orafile E.By using Operating Systemutlities Answer: D QUESTION 86: Which background process does Automatic Shared Memory Management use to coordinate the sizing of memory components? A. PMON B. SMON C. MMNL D. MMAN E. MMON Answer: D The Automatic Shared Memory Management feature uses a new background process named Memory Manager (MMAN). MMAN serves as the SGA Memory Broker and coordinates the sizing of the memory components. The SGA Memory Broker keeps track of the sizes of the components and pending resize operations REF.: Metalink Note:268197.1: New Background Processes In 10g QUESTION 87: Consider the following scenario: You have a directory, data, under the disk group tdgroup A. You want to create an alias for one of the data files and you execute the following command: ALTER DISKGROUP tdgroupA ADD ALIAS '+tdgroupA/data/datafile.dbf' FOR '+tdgroupA.231.45678'; Which task would be accomplished by the command? A. The command drops the file +tdgroupA.231.45678 B. The command physically relocates the file to +tdgroupA/data and renames the file to datafile.dbf. C. The command creates a copy of the +tdgroupA.231.45678 file an...
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