How would you make use of this consistent backup in

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Unformatted text preview: ot be used in RMAN B. by starting up the database again C. by using the CATALOG command of RMAN D. by using the RECOVER CATALOG command in RMAN E. by re-creating the target control file to rebuild the RMAN repository Answer: C QUESTION 136: Because of a power outage, instance failure has occurred. From what point in the redo log does recovery begin and where does it end? A. current redo log and inactive redo log B. checkpoint position to end of redo log C. beginning of redo log to end of redo log D. all redo logs before the point of last commit E. beginning of redo log to checkpoint position Answer: B - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-042 QUESTION 137: You are working on a 24x7 (available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week) production database. An operating system (OS) user deletes the alert log file accidentally. Which statement in this scenario is true? A. The database crashes. B. The DBA needs to re-create the file. C. The file gets re-created automatically. D. The file gets restored automatically from the last backup. E. The DBA needs to perform a complete database recovery. F. The DBA needs to perform an incomplete database recovery. Answer: C QUESTION 138: Anyone who knows just the host name and the listener name can have full control over the listener. They can stop the listener and also obtain detailed information about the listener, database, and the configuration of the application. How would you avoid this scenario? A. lock the listener B. hide the listener C. create multiple listeners D. run listener on a remote client E. set a password for the listener F. store listener.ora in a non-default location Answer: E QUESTION 139: Your database is in the MOUNT state and you execute the following command to open it: ALTER DATABASE OPEN What two actions are performed as a result of this command? (Choose two.) A. All control files are opened. B. All redo log files are opened C. The password file is opened. D. The parameter file is opened. E. All online data files are opene...
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