In your database you have clustered tables while

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Unformatted text preview: you want to have minimal impact on the database performance and optimize the data load operation. Which method would you use to load data into Oracle database? A. use the external table population B. use the Oracle Data Pump export and import utility C. use the conventional path data load of SQL*Loader utility D. use the direct path data load of Oracle export and import utility Answer: C QUESTION 104: The database users are connecting to the PROD database from different applications, thereby degrading the database performance. The senior database administrator suspects the large number of concurrent connections to be the reason for low performance and asks you to restrict the number concurrent connections per database user to one. Which action would you take to achieve this objective? A. set the SESSIONS to 1 in the parameter file B. grant SINGLE SESSION privilege to all of the users C. set the SESSIONS_PER_USER to 1 in the users' profile D. grant RESTRICTED SESSION privilege to all of the database users E. create a role with SINGLE SESSION privilege and assign the role to the users Answer: C - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-042 QUESTION 105: What advantage would you get if you increase the length of time during which the undo information would be stored in the database? A. roll back of large transactions B. roll forward to redo a transaction C. data concurrency for large updates D. read consistency for long-running transactions Answer: D QUESTION 106: One of the users in the PROD database, Adams, complains that his update on the table, TRANS, is taking an unusually long time to complete. You find that the table gets locked by another database user before Adams starts his transactions, and you are unable to contact the user holding the table lock. As Adams is updating some crucial rows in the table, he should get the highest priority. Which method would you use to overcome this problem? A. execute the command, ALTER SESSION KILL .., to kill the blocking ses...
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