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Unformatted text preview: covery (or a recovery using a backup control file) and opened the database with the RESETLOGS option. To perform incomplete recovery, use the SET UNTIL command to specify the time, - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-042 SCN, restore point, or log sequence number at which recovery terminates. Alternatively, specify the UNTIL clause on the RESTORE and RECOVER commands. REF.: Oracle(r) Database 10g: New features for Oracle 8i, 18-21 and Oracle(r) 10g Backup and Recovery Basics, 3-4 QUESTION 89: You are unable to move the Unified Job Scheduler occupant from the SYSAUX tablespace to the USERS tablespace. What could be the reason? A. None of the SYSAUX occupants can be relocated. B. The USERS tablespace is a bigfile tablespace (BFT). C. The united Job Scheduler occupant cannot be relocated. D. The SYSAUX occupants can be relocated to the SYSTEM tablespace only. Answer: C A - Not true. Same off the occupants can be move B - Not true. The USERS occupant , isn't , by default a BFT tablespace, and even tought, you should be able to move anything to a BFT tablespace. The point it's about to move, SYSAUX occupant. C - True answer, as you con check , by the following query : SELECT occupant_name, move_procedure, OCCUPANT_NAME MOVE_PROCEDURE FROM v$sysaux_occupants; -------------- --------------------------------AO DBMS_AW.MOVE_AWMETA EM emd_maintenance.move_em_tblspc JOB_SCHEDULER *** MOVE PROCEDURE NOT APPLICABLE ** LOGMNR SYS.DBMS_LOGMNR_D.SET_TABLESPACE LOGSTDBY SYS.DBMS_LOGSTDBY.SET_TABLESPACE ODM MOVE_ODM ORDIM *** MOVE PROCEDURE NOT APPLICABLE *** ORDIM/PLUGINS *** MOVE PROCEDURE NOT APPLICABLE *** ORDIM/SQLMM *** MOVE PROCEDURE NOT APPLICABLE *** SDO MDSYS.MOVE_SDO STATSPACK Use export/import (see export parameter file spuexp.par) STREAMS TEXT DRI_MOVE_CTXSYS ULTRASEARCH MOVE_WK WM DBMS_WM.move_proc D - Not true. Can move SYSAUX occupants, whem is possible, to any tablespace that you want. REF.: Metalink Note: 243246.1: 10G : SYSAUX Tablespace QUESTION 90: - The P...
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