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Unformatted text preview: submit a report on the settings done by the previous DB A. While observing the server settings, you find that the following parameter has been set in the parameter file of the database: REMOTE_OS_AUTHENT = TRUE What could have been the reason to set this parameter as TRUE? - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-042 A. to enable operating system authentication for a remote client B. to restrict the scope of administration to identical operating systems C. to allow the start up and shut down of the database from a remote client D. to enable the administration of the operating system from a remote client E. to disable the administration of the operating system from a remote client Answer: A QUESTION 166: Exhibit: You are working on a database created with the Oracle Database 10g software in which the initialization parameter COMPATIBLE is set to 10.0.0. The hr_tbs tablespace in the database is created as follows: CREATE TABLESPACE hr_tbs DATAFILE '/oracle/oradata/hr_tbs.dbf' SIZE 50M; View the Exhibit to see the properties of the database. Which statement is correct in this scenario? A. hr_tbs is a bigfile tablespace. B. hr_tbs is a dictionary-managed tablespace. C. All the tablespaces in the database will be locally managed by default. D. All the tablespaces in the database must be of the smallfile tablespace type. E. The tablespace type bigfile or smallfile must be mentioned in the command. Answer: C QUESTION 167: - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-042 You define an alert to be raised when the USERS tablespace usage has reached 80% of the total space. Which area would you refer to, in order to confirm that the alert has been raised due the event? A. the alert.log file B. the DBA_ALERTS view C. the Database Control Home page D. the Database Control performance page E. the Database Control Maintenance page Answer: C QUESTION 168: You want to perform a backup of your database to tape. Which backup format can you use? A. backup set only B. image copy only C. only...
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