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Unformatted text preview: vironment, users complain about the slow response time when accessing the database. You have not optimized the memory usage of the Oracle instance and you suspect the problem to be with the memory. To which type of object would you refer to determine the cause of the slow response? A.The trace file B.The fixed views C.The data dictionary views D.The operating system log fields E.The dynamic performance views. Answer: E QUESTION 27: You are working on the Certkiller database. What is the default name of the alert log file in this database? A.alert_ Certkiller .log B.alertlog_ Certkiller .log C.alert_log_ Certkiller .log D. Certkiller _alert_log.log E.log_alert_: Certkiller .log F.trace_alert_ Certkiller .log Answer: A QUESTION 28: You work as a database administrator for Certkiller .com. You have set the retention period for Automatic Repository (AWR) statistics to four days and collection interval to 15 minutes. You want to view the statistics collected and stored in AWR snapshot. Which two methods would you use to view the AWR statistics? Choose two A.use enterprise manager - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-042 B.use DBMS_SQL package C.use DBMS_AWR package D.use PRVT_WORKLOAD package E.query the AWR snapshot repository objects F.use DBMS_WORKLOAD_REPOSITORY package Answer: A, F QUESTION 29: You work as a database administrator for Certkiller .com. As a result of performance analysis, you created an index on theprod_namecolumn of the Certkiller prodtable, which contains about ten thousand rows. Later, you updated a product name in the table. How does this change affect the index? A.A leaf will be marked as invalid. B.An update in a leaf row takes place. C.The index will be updated automatically at commit. D.A leaf row in the index will be deleted and inserted. E.The index becomes invalid when you make any updates Answer: D QUESTION 30: Two database users, Jack and Bill, are accessing the Certkiller STAFF table of the Certkiller DB database. When Jack modifies a va...
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