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Unformatted text preview: or changing the password for existing users, the password must adhere to the restrictions specified in the exhibit. Which option would you use to achieve this objective? A.Use a trigger to validate the password B.Use a user defined PL/SQL block to validate the password C.Use a profile to include the password verify function to validate the password D.Use Oracle's default password verification procedure to validate the password E.Use a procedure name in the CREATE USER command to validate the password Answer: C QUESTION 41: Your boss at Certkiller .com wants you to clarify Oracle 10g. Which statement regarding the contents of the V$PARAMETER view is true? A.Displays only the list of default values B.Displays only the list of all basic parameters C.Displays the currently in effect parameter values D.Displays only the list of all advanced parameters E.Displays the list of all the parameter files of a database F.Displays the current contents of the server parameter file. Answer: C QUESTION 42: Exhibit, HR Database properties - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-042 You work as a database administrator for Certkiller .com. You have two database, SALES and HR; created ion the same machine using Oracle database 120g. For the SALES database, the initialization parameter COMPTIBLE is set to 9.2.0 and for the HR database, COMPATIBLE is set to 10.0.0. Thesales_tbstablespaceiscreatein the SALES database as follows: CREATE TABLESPACEsales_tbsDATAFILE '/ Certkiller / Certkiller data/sales_tbs.dbf' SIZE50M EXTENT MANAGEMENT LOCAL; Thehr_tbstablespacecreated in the HR database is as follows: CREATIVE TABLESPACEhr_tbsDATAFILE'/ Certkiller / Certkiller data/hr_tbs.dbf' SIZE 50M Which two statements are correct in this scenario? A.Hr_tbsis abigfiletablespace. B.Abigfiletablespacecannot be created in the SALES database C.All tablespaces in HR database will be locally managed by default. D.Sales_tbsandhr_tbstablespaces can share the same data file. E.All the tablespaces in the SALE...
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