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Unformatted text preview: database: ORA-01555: snapshot too old In which situation would you receive such an error? A.You performed rollback after commit. B.If a log switch occurs in your database. C.Thearchiverfails to generate an archived log file. D.Instance recovery fails to find one of the redo log files. E.A long-running query is unable to get read-consistent image. F.If you perform manual undo management operations in auto mode. Answer: E A long query cannot get a read consistent image. Not D: Makes no sense. If Oracle could not find a file he would say the file was not found. QUESTION 83: Exhibit #1, structure - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-042 Exhibit #2,insertcommand You work as a database administrator for Certkiller .com. Use exhibit #1 to see the structure of the EMPLOYEES, DEPARTMENTS and EMP_DEP tables. User Certkiller C wants to insert rows from EMPLOYEES and DEPARTMENTS table into EMP_DEP table by using the code in exhibit #2. While user Certkiller C executes the command, it errors out, displaying the following error message: ERROR at line 1: ORA-01653: unable to allocate extent table A.EMP_DEP by 8 intablespaceUSERS What would have caused the error? A.The user Certkiller C does not have space quota. B.RESOURCE role has not been granted to user Certkiller C. C.User Certkiller C does not have insert privilege on EMP_DEP table. D.The EMP_DEP table is residing on a temporarytablespace. E.The defaulttablespaceof user Certkiller C does not have enough free space. F.Thetablespacewhere EMP_DEP table resides does not have enough free space. Answer: F QUESTION 84: Exhibit - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-042 You work as a database administrator for Certkiller .com. Use the exhibit to see details about existing tablespaces in the Oracle 10g database. You want to add a newtablespaceto your database. Which three statements regarding a newtablespaceare true? Choose three. A.A newtablespacecan be abigfiletablespace. B.A newtablespacecannot be an undotablespace. C.A newtablespacecan...
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