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Unformatted text preview: l.us.oracle.com not found. Which two environment variables do you need to set appropriately to avoid such errors, and start the Database Control successfully? (Choose two.) A. NLS_LANG B. ORACLE_SID C. ORACLE_HOME D. ORACLE_BASE E. LD_LIBRARY_PATH Answer: B,C QUESTION 132: User Scott has updated the salary of one of the employees in the EMPLOYEES table and has not committed the transaction. What are the two types of locks that this scenario would lead to? (Choose two.) A. null lock on the row being updated B. null lock on the table containing the row C. ROW SHARE lock for the row being updated D. ROW EXCLUSIVE lock for the row being updated E. shared row-exclusive lock for the row being updated F. a shareable table lock for the table containing the row G. exclusive table-level lock for the table containing the row Answer: D,F QUESTION 133: While setting up an Oracle database for one of your critical applications, you want to ensure that the database is backed up at regular intervals without your intervention. What should you do to achieve the objective? A. configure the database to run in ARCHIVELOG mode B. configure the Flash Recovery Area to enable automatic database backup C. schedule the database backup using DBMS_JOB package after creating the database D. schedule the database backup using Recovery Manager (RMAN) commands after creating the database Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-042 E. schedule the database backup using Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) while creating the database Answer: E QUESTION 134: One of the redo log members in your database is lost. You queried V$logfile for further details. What would be the member's status? A. LOST B. INVALID C. EXPIRED D. DELETED E. CORRUPT F. UNKNOWN G. OBSOLETE Answer: B QUESTION 135: It is a holiday and no transactions are being performed on the database. You took a consistent backup of your database without using Recovery Manager (RMAN). How would you make use of this consistent backup in RMAN? A. cann...
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