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Unformatted text preview: written to the database and source code remains in the script file. Answer: B QUESTION 73: Which two programming constructs can be grouped within a package? (Choose two) A. CURSOR. B. CONSTANT. C. TRIGGER. D. SEQUENCE. E. VIEW. Answer: A, B QUESTION 74: Which statement about the forward declarations is true? A. Forward declarations are not allowed in packages. B. Forward declarations let you use mutually referential subprograms in a package. C. A forward declaration means placing a subprogram declaration at the end of the - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-101 package body. D. Forward declaration in a package specification contains only the name of the sub program without the formal parameter list. Answer: B QUESTION 75: Which statement is true? A. Server side procedures are stored in script files on the server. B. Server side procedures are visible in the ALL_SOURCE dictionary view. C. Server side procedures are visible in the SERVER_SOURCE dictionary view. D. Server side procedures are visible in the SERVER_PROCEDURE data dictionary view. Answer: A QUESTION 76: Examine this package specification: CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE concat_all IS V_string VARCHER2(100); PROCEDURE combine(p_num_val NUMBER); PROCEDURE combine (p_dateval DATE); PROCEDURE combine(p_char_val VARCHER2,p_num_val NUMBER); END concat_all; / Which overloaded COMBINE procedure declaration can be added to this package specification? A. PROCEDURE combine; B. PROCEDURE combine(p_no NUMBER); C. PROCEDURE combine(p_val_1 VARCHER2,p_val_2 NUMBER); D. PROCEDURE concat_all (p_num_val VARCHER2,p_char_val NUMBER); Answer: A QUESTION 77: CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE BODY forward_pack IS V_sum NUMBER; PROCEDURE calc_ord(. . . ); - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-101 PROCEDURE generate_summary(. . . ) IS BEGIN Calc_ord(. . . ); ... END calc_ord; END forward_pack; / Which construct has a forward declaration? A. V_SUM B. CALC_ORD. C. FORWARD_PACK D. GENERATE_SUMMARY. Answer: B QUESTION 78: What happens during the executes phase with dynamic SQL for data manipulation language operations? A. The rows are selected and ordered. B. The validity of the SQL statement is established. C. An area of memory is established to process the SQL statement. D. The SQL statement is run and the number of rows processed is returned. E. The area of memory established to process the SQL statement is released. Answer: D QUESTION 79: IS V_sal emp.sal%TYPE; V_job emp.job%TYPE; BEGIN SELECT sal,job INTO v_sal,v_job FROM emp WHERE empno=p_eno; IF(v_sal<1000)THEN DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('Delete employees who earn less than$1000'); DELETE FROM emp WHERE empno=p_eno; ELSE DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('Updating employee salaries.'); - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-101 UPDATE emp SET sal=sal+100 WHERE empno=p_eno; END IF; END; What privileges do you need in orderto invoke this procedure? A. No privileges are required. B. EXECUTE privilege on the procedure. C. EXECUTE privilege on the DBMS_OUTPUT package. D. DELETE and UPDATE privilege on the table EMP. E. EXECUTE privilege on the procedure, and delete and update privileges on the table EMP. Answer: B QUESTION 80: The ADD_PLAYER procedure inserts rows into the player table. Which command will show this direct dependency? A. SELECT*FROM USER_DEPENDENCIES WHERE REFFERENCE_NAME= 'PLAYER'; B. SELECT*FROM USER_DEPENDENCIES WHERE REFFERENCE_NAME= 'ADD_PLAYER'; C. SELECT*FROM USER_DEPENDENCIES WHERE TYPE= 'DIR'; D. SELECT*FROM USER_DEPENDENCIES WHERE REFFERENCE_NAME= 'TABLE'; Answer: A QUESTION 81: Examine this procedure: CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE ADD_PLAYER (V_ID IN NUMBER, V_LAST_NAME VARCHER2(30)) IS BEGIN INSERT INTO PLAYER(ID, LAST_NAME) VALUES(V_ID, V_LAST_NAME); COMMIT; END; Why does this command fail when executed? A. When declaring arguments length is not allowed. - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-101 B. When declaring arguments each argument must have a mode specified. C. When declaring arguments each argument must have a length specified. D. When declaring a VARCHER2 argument it must be specified. Answer: A QUESTION 82: Examine this trigger: CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER CHECK_TOT_SALARY AFTER INSERT OR UPDATE OF SALARY ON PLAYER FOR EACH ROW DECLARE V_TOT_SALS NUMBER(12, 2); BEGIN SELECT SUM(SALARY) INTO V_TOT_SAL FROM PLAYER WHER TEAM_ID=:NEW. SALARY; END; Why does this trigger fail when inserting a row into player table? A. You can't read data from a table that is being affected by the same trigger. B. You can't use the sum function with row triggers. C. You can't use the sum function with statement triggers. D. You can't reference:NEW with row triggers. Answer: A QUESTION 83: Which procedure of the dbms_output supply package wou...
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