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Unformatted text preview: EAM_ID; You will be adding additional coat later but for now you want the current block to fire when updated the salary column. Which solution should you use to verify that the user is performing an update on the salary column? A. ROW_UPDATE('SALARY') B. UPDATING('SALARY') C. CHANGING('SALARY') D. COLUMN_UPDATE('SALARY') Answer: B QUESTION 30: Examine this package CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE discounts IS G_ID NUMBER:=7839; DISCOUNT_RATE NUMBER O. 00; PROCEDURE DISPLAY_PRICE (V_PRICE NUMBER); END DISCOUNTS; / CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE BODY discounts IS PROCEDURE DISPLAY_PRICE (V_PRICE_NUMBER) IS BEGIN DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('DISCOUNTED||2_4 Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-101 (V_PRICE*NVL(DISCOUNT_RATE, 1))) END DISPLAY_PRICE; BEGIN DISCOUNT_RATE;=0. 10; END DISCOUNTS; / Which statement is true? A. The value of DISCOUNT_RATE always remain 0. 00 in a session. B. The value of DISCOUNT_RATE is set to 0. 10 each time the package are invoked in a session. C. The value of DISCOUNT_RATE is set to 1 each time the procedure DISPLAY_PRICE is invoked. D. The value of DISCOUNT_RATE is set to 0. 10 when the package is invoked for first time in a session. Answer: D QUESTION 31: CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE BB_PACK V_MAX_TEAM_SALARY NUMBER(12,2); PROCEDURE ADD_PLAYER(V_ID IN NUMBER, V_LAST_NAME VARCHAR2, V_SALARY NUMBER); DB_PACK;/ CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE BODY BB_PACK IS V_WHERE_AVG NUMBER(4,3); PROCEDURE UPD_PLAYER_STAT (V_ID IN NUMBER, V_AVG IN NUMBER DEFAULT 4,V_HITS IN NUMBER) IS BEGIN UPDATE PLAYER_BAT_STAT SET AT_BATS=AT_BATS+V_AB, HITS=HITS+V_HITS WHERE PLAYER_ID=V_ID; COMMIT; VALIDATE_PLAYER_STAT(V_ID); END UPD_PLAYER_STAT; PROCEDURE ADD-PLAYER (V_ID IN NUMBER, V_LAST_NAME VARCHAR2, V_SALARY NUMBER) IS BEGIN INSERT INTO PLAYER(ID, LAST_NAME, SALARY) VALUES(V_ID, V_LAST_NAME, V_SALARY); UPD_PLAYER_STAT(V_ID,0,0); END ADD_PLAYER; END BB_PACK; Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-101 An outside procedure VALIDATE_PLAYER_STAT is executed from this package. What will happen when this procedure changes? A. The package specification is dropped. B. The package specification is invalidated. C. The package is invalidate. D. The package body is invalidated. Answer: D QUESTION 32: When creating a function in a SQL Plus You receive this message "Warning: function created with compilation errors". Which command can you issue to see the actual error message? A. SHOW FUNCTION_ERRORS B. SHOW USER_ERRORS C. SHOW ERRORS D. SHOW ALL_ERRORS Answer: C QUESTION 33: The PROCEDURE_ADD_PRODUCT is defined within a package specifications as follows: PROCEDURE_ADD_PRODUCT (P_PRODNO NUMBER,P_PRODNAME VARCHER2); Which procedure declaration can't be added to package specifications? A. PROCEDURE add_product (p_order_date DATE); B. PROCEDURE add_product (p_name VARCHER2, P_ORDERED DATE); C. PROCEDURE add_product (p_prodname VARCHER2, P_PRISE NUMBER); D. PROCEDURE add_product (p_prize NUMBER, P_DESCRIPTION VARCHER2); Answer: D QUESTION 34: Examine this package CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE PACK_CUR Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-101 IS CURSOR C1 IS SELECT PRODID FROM PRODUCT ORDER BY PRODID DESC; PROCEDURE PROC1; PROCEDURE PROC2; END PACK_CUR; / CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE BODY PACK_CUR IS V_ID NUMBER; PROCEDURE PROC1 IS BEGIN OPEN C1; LOOP FETCH C1 INTO V_PRODID; DBMS_OUTPUT. PUT_LINE (ROW IS :,||C1/ROWCOUNT); EXIT WHEN C1/ROWCOUNT>=3; END LOOP; END PROC1; PROCEDURE PROC2 IS BEGIN LOOP FETCH C1 TO V_PRODID DBMS_OUTPUT. PUT_LINE (ROW IS :,||C1/ROWCOUNT); EXIT WHEN C1/ROWCOUNT>=6; END LOOP; CLOSE C1; END PROC2; END PACK_CUR; / The products table has more than 1000 rows. The SQL plus server output setting is turned on in your session. You execute procedure proc1 fromsql plus with the command: EXECUTE PACK_CUR.PROC1. What is the output in your session? A. Error at line 1 B. Row is: Row is: Row is: C. Row is:1 Row is:2 Row is:3 D. Row is:4 Row is:5 Row is:6 Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-101 Answer: C QUESTION 35: You are about to change the arguments of the CALC_TEAM_AVG function. Which table can you query to determine the names of the procedures and functions that invoke the CALC_TEAM_AVG function? A. USER_PROC_DEPENDS B. USER_DEPENDENCIES C. USER_REFERENCES D. USER_SOURCE Answer: B QUESTION 36: Which two statements about packages are true? (Choose two) A. Packages can be nested. B. You can pass parameters to packages. C. A package is loaded into memory each time it is invoked. D. The contents of package chills can be shared with many applications. E. YOU can achieve information hiding by making package constructs private. Answer: D, E QUESTION 37: Which two program declarations are correct for stored program unit? (Choose two) A. CREAT...
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