A if timerid is null then b if idnulltimerid then c

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Unformatted text preview: -- <missing code here> DELETE_TIMER(timer_id); END IF; Select the missing code that would delete the timer. A. IF timer_id IS NULL THEN B. IF ID_NULL(timer_id) THEN C. IF timer_id IS NOT NULL THEN D. IF NOT ID_NULL(timer_id) THEN Answer: D Explanation : ID_NULL Return Boolean that represent if the object has internal ID in the application. If ID exist it returns FALSE and if ID does not exist it return TRUE . FIND_ID returns the internal ID of the object. GET_ID and FIND_ID do not exist in oracle forms. IF NOT ID_NULL(timer_id) will execute when timer id exists. QUESTION 49: Which canvas built-in display the given canvas in front of any stacked canvases? A. HIDE_VIEW B. SHOW_VIEW C. SET_CANVAS_PROPERTY D. REPLACE_CONTENT_VIEW Answer: B Explanation : SHOW_VIEW Displays the indicated canvas at the coordinates specified by the canvas's X Position and Y Position property settings. If the view is already displayed, SHOW_VIEW raises it in front of any other views in the same window. Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-132 QUESTION 50: As an alternative to setting the Visible property to No for the ORDERS_WINDOW, which built-in could you use to achieve the same result? A. HIDE_WINDOW B. CLOSE_WINDOW C. REPLACE_CONTENT_VIEW D. GET_WINDOW_PROPERTY Answer: A Explanation : HIDE_WINDOW Hides the given window. HIDE_WINDOW is equivalent to setting VISIBLE to No by calling SET_WINDOW_PROPERTY. QUESTION 51: When a repeating timer expires, _____. A. The When-Timer-Expired trigger resets the timer's iteration parameter. B. The When-Custom-Item-Event trigger fires and executes the desired actions. C. It is put in a queue of expired timers for processing on a first-in-first-out basis. D. The When-Timer-Expired trigger fires instantly regardless of any other processing in the form module. Answer: C Explanation : When the timer expires in sent to a queue of expired timers for processing . When the timer is in the queue it's processed by first-in-first-out. GET_APPLICATION_PROPERTY will return the last expired timer in the list which can be processed for deletion iwht DELETE_TIMER. QUESTION 52: How can you modify the application to return more meaningful error messages to the user? A. Create a custom messages table. Include the necessary error handling code in the form modules to display the meaningful custom message instead of the ORA- error message. B. Provide users with a form in the application to query the ORA- error, that will return a custom message to replace the ORA- message. C. Eliminate constraints where possible, thereby limiting the number of error messages returned. D. Create a procedure to include the RETRIEVE_MESSAGE built-in that automatically translates common server errors into meaningful messages for use in Forms. Answer: A Explanation : To modify error messages with meaningful error message custom messages table can be Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-132 created with meaningful error messages and On Error is used to Replace a default error message with a custom error message, or to trap and recover from an error. QUESTION 53: You are creating a data block based on a stored procedure returning a table of records. So far, you have defined the record type as follows: Type emprec IS RECORD (empno emp.empno€TYPE, ename emp.ename%TYPE); Select the line of code that completes the definition of the table of records. A. emptab emprec%TYPE; B. CREATE TABLE emptab As emprec; C. TYPE emptab IS TABLE OF RECORDS emprec; D. TYPE emptab IS TABLE OF emprec INDEX BY BINARY_INTEGER; Answer: D Explanation : A table of records is declared using the TYPE command: TYPE reservation_tab IS TABLE OF reservation INDEX BY BINARY INTEGER; The clause "INDEX BY BINARY INTEGER" is required to declare a table of records. QUESTION 54: Which built-in allows you to update the screen display to reflect the information that Forms has in its internal representation of the screen? A. SYNCHRONIZE B. UPDATE_FORM C. SYNCHRONIZE_FORM D. GET_MEMORY_DISPLAY E. SET_MEMORY_DISPLAY Answer: A Explanation : The SYNCHRONIZE built-in updates the screen display to reflect the information that Form Builder has in its internal representation of the screen . QUESTION 55: You created a custom menu for the Order Entry application. The shipping administrator has requested an additional submenu containing four items to invoke various reports. Which command type must you use to identify the parent menu item as a submenu? A. Menu B. Plus C. Macro D. PL/SQL Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-132 Answer: A Explanation : There are three types of menus: main, individual, and submenu. The Menu can be used to identify menu item or parent menu item in case it's used in submenu. QUESTION 56: The accounting manager wants you to create a form that when queried will display a calculated total of year-to-date actual expenditures for the found code entered. The values needed to generate this summary data are stored in multiple tables. Which data source t...
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