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Unformatted text preview: on object tables. How would you create a masterdetail relationship between two of these blocks? A. Use the Data Block Wizard and base the relation on a REF pointer. B. In the Object Navigator, select the Relation node under the master block and click the Create icon. Build the relation manually and coordinate the blocks using triggers. C. Use the Data Block Wizard, and base the relation on the primary key-foreign key relationship in the database. D. This task is not possible because master-detail relations can be implemented only for blocks based on relational tables. Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-132 Answer: A Explanation : when you want to coordinate the two blocks using a REF. You have already created the master block and the detail block. Next, you should click the Create Relationship button in the Data Block Wizard. This will open the Relation type dialog box and allow you an option of creating the relation using a REF instead of a foreign key. QUESTION 72: Which built-in copies values from a list item into a record group? A. RETRIEVE_LIST B. RETRIEVE_GROUP C. RETRIEVE_LIST_ITEM D. RETRIEVE_GROUP_FROM_LIST E. RETRIEVE_GROUP_FROM_LIST_ITEM Answer: A Explanation : The RETRIEVE_LIST built-in retrieves and stores the contents of the specified list item into the specified record group. Example: DECLARE MyRecord RECORDGROUP; FirstColumn RECORDCOLUMN; SecondColumn RECORDCOLUMN; BEGIN MyRecord := CREATE_GROUP ('ratings_rg'); FirstColumn := ADD_GROUP_COLUMN (rg_id,'label',character_column); SecondColumn := ADD_GROUP_COLUMN (rg_id,'rating',character_column); RETRIEVE_LIST ('customer_ratings_list', MyRecord); END; QUESTION 73: The telesales force requested additional ways to terminate the automated polling questionnaire. In addition to the default functionality, you provide a menu item and a button for this purpose. Adhering to efficient coding practices, which PL/SQL code do you use for the menu item and the button? A. EXIT; B. EXIT_FORM; C. DO_KEY('Key-Exit'); D. DO_KEY('EXIT_FORM'); Answer: D Explanation : The DO_KEY built-in function executes the key trigger associated with the built-in that is specified as its parameter. If no associated key trigger exists, then the specified built-in subprogram Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-132 executes. For example, DO_KEY('EXIT_FORM'), when executed, will search for a Key-Exit trigger. If it does not find a Key-Exit trigger, it will execute the EXIT_FORM built-in. QUESTION 74: You create a master-detail form. The users need to be able to exit the form quickly, adhering to default transaction processing, regardless of the cursor location. You believe you can achieve this using a Key-Exit trigger. What do you need to do to implement this request? A. Define a Key-Exit trigger for all the blocks in the form. B. In the Object Navigator, highlight all the items and define a Key-Exit trigger. C. Define a Key-Exit trigger on the primary key item in the master block. D. No additional key-trigger definition is necessary. Answer: D Explanation : Creating a When-Button-Pressed trigger including the EXIT_FORM built-in would not execute the customized code found in the Key-Exit trigger. However, a When-Button-Pressed trigger with DO_KEY('EXIT_FORM') would execute the Key-Exit trigger, if one exists. No need for additional keytrigger definition is necessary. QUESTION 75: Which is an example of a dynamic SELECT statement? A. A query whose object names change during its execution. B. A query whose object names are not known until run time. C. A query whose bind variables values change during execution. D. A query whose bind variable values are not known until run time. Answer: B Explanation : When the select statement queries database with objects specified at run time it's considered to be a dynamic SELECT statement. Object names will specified at run time. FORM_DDL executes queries for the form that will specify object names at run time. FORM_DLL can construct dynamic query. QUESTION 76: Which datatype is returned by the FIND_MENU_ITEM built-in function? A. number B. Boolean C. menuitem D. VARCHAR2 Answer: C Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-132 Explanation : FIND_MENU_ITEM Searches the list of menu items and returns a menu item ID when it finds a valid menu item with the given name. QUESTION 77: In the COURSE_ENROLLMENT form module, you define a master-detail relation between the COURSES_OFFERED data block and the STUDENT data block, respectively. To implement block coordination, which statement must be true? A. The Enforce Primary Key property on the STUDENT block is set to Yes. B. The Alias property on the COURSES_OFFERED block is set to Student. C. The Copy Value from item property on the foreign key item in the STUDENT blocks is set to the primary key item of the COURSES_OFFERED block. D. The Synchronize with item property on the foreign key item in the STUDENT block is set to the primary key item of the COURSES_OFFERED block. Answer: C Explanation : Synchronize with item property Specifies the name of the item f...
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