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Unformatted text preview: report wizard increase the display width values of the employee record fields. C. In the property palette increase the size of the repeating frame surrounding the employee records. D. In the life previewer, high light a field, click on the parent frame icon and make the frame bigger vertically. Answer: D QUESTION 147: You are developing a tax report for the payroll application. You created a before parameter form report trigger to create three temporary tables to store text that are need while the report is executed. Which report trigger would you use to delete these temporary tables? Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-132 A. Before parameter form. B. After parameter form. C. Before report. D. After report. Answer: D QUESTION 148: You created a tabular report for the student housing authority that lists each student's name, student identification number, and dorm room number. The default setting prints each record below the previous record. Which two print setting could you use to print the student records to the right of the previous record until an entire record cannot between the previous record and the right margin? (Choose two) A. Across B. Across/down C. Down D. Down/across E. Matrix Answer: A, B QUESTION 149: You are creating a tabular report to display each employee's name, department, number and hire date. You need to change the column data of the hire_date column to start date. In which window could you complete this? A. Data model. B. Default layout window. C. Field property palette. D. Labels tab in the report wizard. E. Field's tan in the report wizard. Answer: D QUESTION 150: Which setting change would you allow to make a child object to be moved out of a parent object? A. Flex mode on. B. Flex mode off. C. Confined mode on. D. Confined mode off. Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-132 Answer: D QUESTION 151: For an inventory report, you created a work_in_progress that contains two columns, ID_number and quantity. The parent group of the work_in_progress is in_inventory which contains one column, dept_no. You added a filter of fist fifteen to total_inventory and a filter of last 20 for work_in_progress. Which records will the report return? A. First 15 dept_no values. B. Last 20 ID_no and quantity values with the first 15 dept_no values for each work_in_progress value. C. First 15 dept_no values with the last 20 ID_number and quantity values for each total_inventory value. D. First 15 dept_no values and the last 20 ID_no and quantity values. E. The last 20 ID_number and quantity values. Answer: C QUESTION 152: You are creating a matrix report. Using query builder, you select the SALES_ID and DEPT_ID columns from the SALES table, The CUST_BALANCE column from the CUSTOMER table and the INVOICE_TOTAL column from the INVOICE table. Using the report wizard you select SALES_ID as the row values, DEPT_ID as the column values and SUM/CUST_BALANCE) as the cell values. You add a summary column for a SALES_ID row. If the summary column has a null value you need to display a zero. What is the easiest way to accomplish this task? A. Alter the value if null property on the summary column property palette. B. Alter the value if null property on the save_ID palette. C. Alter the initial value property on the sales ID property palette. D. Create a format trigger for a summery value field to display a zero if the field is null. E. Create a boiler plate text object in the layout model containing a zero and place it between the row repeating frame and the matrix object. Answer: A QUESTION 153: Which are SRW package procedure or function could you use to create and then drop a temporary table in the sales report? A. SRW.BREAK B. SRW.SET_ALTER C. SRW.REFERENCE Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-132 D. SRW.DO_SQL E. SRW.RUN_REPORT F. SRW.SET_FIELD Answer: D QUESTION 154: You create a financial report to be represented to board of directors. The accounting manager has asked you to change the number format to show a thousand separator. What is the best method to make this change to the report quickly? A. Open the property palette and set the format mask for all the numeric items in the report. B. Select the data to be free formatted in the life previewer and lick on the thousand separator icon on the style bar. C. Go to the layout model and change the field attributes for the data to be changed on the report. D. Rebuild the report using the report wizard setting this format on creation. Answer: B QUESTION 155: The sales report displays each sales person's daily transactions. You need to add a total transaction value for each sales person. What is the best way to add the summary value to existing report? A. Reenter the report wizard and modify the query. B. Reenter the report wizard and add the summary to the totals tab. C. Reenter the report wizard and add the field to the data tab. D. Add the summary column to the layouts using the layout model. E. Recreate the report to add a summary value. Answer: B QUESTION 156: You need to add a page number to the bottom margin of your report pages. How would you navigate to the margin area? A. Use the menu options tool ->margin. B. Click on the margin button. C. In the layout models press <ALT>+<M> D. This task can only be accomplished programmatically. Answer: B Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-132 QUESTION 157: Which three scenarios describe appropriate uses for key triggers? (Choose three) A. Alter data in a database table. B. Add custom item validation code. C. Disable the Next Block key and menu item. D. Display a custom form in place of a List of Values. E. Change the navigational order of the blocks in a form. F. Perform a complex calculation each time the F10 key is pressed. Answer: C, D, E Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing...
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