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Unformatted text preview: the form module will automatically add Object Group and Data Blocks. Key-Listval trigger can be used to display the calendar but it has to be programmed manually not automatically. QUESTION 28: You developing a form module, and you would like to make an indicated window visible in a new display position. Which built-in can you use to accomplish this task? A. SHOW_WINDOW B. RESIZE_WINDOW C. DISPLAY_WINDOW D. MOVE_WINDOW_X_Y E. WINDOW_VISIBLE_X_Y Answer: A Explanation: The syntax of Show_window is as follow : SHOW_WINDOW(window_id Window ,x NUMBER ,y NUMBER) where x and y are the position in coordinates in the screen. RESIZE_WINDOW is used to resize the window, DISPLAY_WINDOW, MOVE_WINDOW_X_Y and WINDOW_VISIBLE_X_Y are not a valid command, QUESTION 29: You are creating the CUST_PREMIUM data block in the AUTO_INSURANCE form. A new state law requires that premiums be lowered for drivers with a good driving history. Because this could potentially affect a large number of records, you want to base the data block on a stored procedure returning a table of records. Which statement supports this approach? A. A table of records is efficient in terms of network traffic. B. A table of records improves developer productivity because the database administrator does not have to create a server side view. C. A table of records is efficient because the number of records fetched depends on the Array Fetch property value. D. Your coding effort is simplified since DML operations are handles by setting form module properties. Answer: A Explanation: When stored procedure returns a table of records it transfers all the records to the client in one unit so round trip to the server is not necessary so its efficient in term of network traffic. Table or records Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-132 does not improve developer productivity because all the code is created in the Stored Procedure by database administrator. Number of records returned is specified by Array Fetch Property value if REF Cursor is returned not table of records. QUESTION 30: What does the FIND_MENU_ITEM built-in function return? A. The internal ID of a menu. B. The internal ID of a menu item. C. The internal ID of a menu module. D. The internal ID of form module to which the menu is attached. Answer: B Explanation: FIND_MENU_ITEM returns menu item type. Example : PROCEDURE Toggle_AutoCommit_Mode IS mi_id MenuItem; val VARCHAR2(10); BEGIN mi_id := Find_Menu_Item('Preferences.AutoCommit'); val := Get_Menu_Item_Property(mi_id,CHECKED); IF val = 'TRUE' THEN Set_Menu_Item_Property(mi_id,CHECKED,PROPERTY_FALSE); ELSE Set_Menu_Item_Property(mi_id,CHECKED,PROPERTY_TRUE); END IF; END; QUESTION 31: You established access to menu modules using roles. While testing the application, you need access to all the menus in the SALES form module for all the roles. Which method will override the Menu Module Roles property to allow you to access all the menu items? A. Disable the values for the Menu Module Roles property. B. Set the Use Security value in the form module Property Palette to 'True'. C. Set the Use Security value in the form module Property Palette to 'False'. D. Set the Use Security value in the menu module Property Palette to 'True'. E. Set the Use Security value in the menu module Property Palette to 'False'. Answer: E Explanation: To disable security on the menu module the Use Security property value should be set to FALSE on the menu module. Forms menu security is based on Oracle Server roles. These roles are created in the database, typically by the database administrator. After the roles have been created, the Module Roles Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-132 menu module property can be assigned to these roles. The next step is to assign the chosen roles to the individual menu items. The user executing the form with this menu attached must be assigned to this role to activate that menu item. QUESTION 32: You include the calendar class in your Hotel Booking application. Which additional form level objects will you need to create to implement this reusable component fully? A. Blocks B. Visual attributes. C. Stacked canvas. D. Nothing further needs to be created. Answer: D Explanation: The calendar object group includes two data blocks. The Date_control_block contains the month and year control buttons and the Date_button_block contains the buttons that represent each day. These buttons and other items are stored on the Date_lov_canvas canvas. This canvas is included in the calendar object group. Nothing further needs to be created when calendar class is used. QUESTION 33: You need to create a data block for DML operations in the NEW_EMPLOYEE form module. Which data source can you use for this block? A. REF cursor query. B. Stored function. C. From clause query. D. Transactional trigger. Answer: D Explanation: Data Block can be based on Stored Procedure that returns REF Cursor or Table of Records or it can be based on "FROM" clause query. REF Cursor and "FROM&qu...
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