Timer id is used in the method deletetimer to delete

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Unformatted text preview: Timer ID in the application. Timer ID is used in the method DELETE_TIMER to delete the timer. GET_APPLICATION_PROPERTY is used to retrieve the last expired timer, CREATE_TIMER is used to create a timer, SET_TIMER used to change the existing timer property. QUESTION 14: Which built-in returns a BOOLEAN value that indicated whether an objects internal ID is available? A. GET_ID B. ID_NULL C. ID_FIND D. FIND_ID Answer: B Explanation: ID_NULL Return Boolean that represent if the object has internal ID in the application. If ID exist it returns FALSE and if ID does not exist it return TRUE . FIND_ID returns the internal ID of the object. GET_ID and FIND_ID do not exist in oracle forms. QUESTION 15: Which built-in do you use to determine which timer in form module has expired? A. FIND_TIMER B. GET_TIMER_PROPERTY C. GET_APPLICATION_PROPERTY D. GET_CUSTOM_ITEM_EVENT_PROPERTY Answer: C Explanation: When the timer expires it's included in a queue till the application is idle to delete the timer, each expired timer is taken by First-In-First-Out. GET_APPLICATION_PROPERTY is used to determine the last timer expired in the application. FIND_TIMER is used to get the internal ID of the timer. GET_TIMER_PROPERTY is used to change specific timer property Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-132 QUESTION 16: Which three objects are components of a menu module? (Choose three) A. Menus B. Canvases C. Object libraries D. Visual attributes E. Attached libraries Answer: A, D, E Explanation: When menu is created it will contain the menus that is created using the Menu Editor tool and it will also include the Visual Attributes and Attached libraries. When menu is created it has to be compiled to .mmx file and attached to the from module to be implemented. QUESTION 17: You need to create a form for Payroll application that will allow the user to view all information for any employee ID queried. This data should be displayed to the user in a grouped format. The user should be able to choose which information they want to see from a pull down list containing the values PERSONAL and PAYROLL. Which format should you use to create this form? A. One content canvas and multiple stacked canvases. B. One content and one stacked canvas. C. Tab canvas with several tab pages. D. One content canvas. E. A horizontal and vertical toolbar. Answer: A Explanation: Content canvas occupies the entire content area of the window and stacked canvas can be displayed and overlay some portion of the content view on the same window. If data should be displayed in grouped format then only one content canvas should be used and multiple stacked canvases used to display the related grouped data.. QUESTION 18: Which built-in copies values from a record group into a list item? A. POPULATE_LIST B. POPULATE_GROUP C. POPULATE_LIST_ITEM D. POPULATE_LIST_FROM_GROUP E. POPULATE_LIST_ITEM_FROM_GROUP Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-132 Answer: A Explanation: List item can copy values from Record Group to it's items by using the POPLULATE_LIST , POPULATE_GROUP is not a valid method. Record Group should be created first and assigned values prior copying it's value to a list item. QUESTION 19: You need to allow the user to toggle between automatic query and no automatic query using a pop-up menu. Which built-in would you use in the menu item command to obtain the relationship name? A. GET_RELATION_PROPERTY B. SET_RELATION_PROPERTY C. GET_BLOCK_PROPERTY D. GET_FORM_PROPERTY Answer: C Explanation: GET_BLOCK_PROPERTY is used to get block related properties including the relationship name. SET_RELATION_PROPERTY is used to change any property of the specific relation. GET_RELATION_PROPERTY is used to retrieve relation specific property. QUESTION 20: Which two chart base types can you select using the Chart Wizard? (Choose two) A. Line B. Column C. Bubble D. Flowchart E. OHLC candle stock. Answer: A, B Explanation: When Chart Wizard is used to create charts it will provide with specific number of chart types to be used. It provides types such as Line, Column, Bar, It does not provide Bubble, FlowChart or OHLC Candle stock. QUESTION 21: Which two are examples of a mouse event? (Choose two) A. The user clicks the mouse. B. The user moves the mouse into an item. C. The cursor style changes from default to busy. Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-132 D. The user moves the mouse into the window title bar. Answer: A, B Explanation: Mouse events are the events triggered by the mouse such as Click or moving the mouse pointer over and item. Mouse movement is not included in the window title bar because mouse events are not handled there. Changing Cursor style is not a mouse event. QUESTION 22: Your application requires that you programmatically manipulate a nonquery record group. Which three built-ins can you use? (Choose three) A. CREATE_GROUP B. ADD_GROUP_ROW C. POPULATE_GROUP D. ADD_GROUP_COLUMN E. CREATE_GROUP_FROM_QUERY Answer: A, B, D Explanation: To create nonquery record group you must create the group first using CREATE_GROUP then add a new column using ADD_GROUP_COLUMN then add new row using AGG_GROUP_ROW Example : DECLARE MyRec RECORDGROUP; MyCol GROUPCOLUMN; BEGIN MyRec := CREATE_GROUP ('warehouse_rg'); MyCol := ADD_GROUP_COLUMN (MyRec,'id',number_column); ADD_GROUP_ROW (MyRec, 1); QUESTION 23: The accounting manager wants you to create a form that when queried will display a calculated total of year-to-date actual expenditures for...
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