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Where would you make this change a in the template

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Unformatted text preview: m each order entry clerk sorted by supervisor with a group average after viewing the report users requested to bold the value for each supervisors group average. Where would you make this change? A. In the template used. B. In the data model. C. In the life previewer. D. In the field property palette. Answer: C QUESTION 118: You created a report from the human resources department based on all the columns in the EMP table. After viewing the report users requested that the cmp_ID columns peers first in the output. How would you change the position of the column? A. After the query. B. Enter the report and change the column's position in the field tab. C. Alter the column's position in the object navigator. D. Enter the report wizard and change the column's position in the data tab. E. Alter the column's position within its group and change the layout. Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-132 Answer: B QUESTION 119: The human resources department requested an employee report to high light those employees who are due for 30 days 6 months and 1 year evaluation. The higher_data field should display blue text for 30 days employee, a red text for 6 months employees and a green text for one year employees. You created a format trigger on the higher_data field to handle this task. What will happen if the format trigger returns a false value? A. The report execution will be halted. B. The higher_data file will not be displayed. C. The record will not be displayed. D. Nothing will happen. Answer: B QUESTION 120: Which tool in the layout model could you use to create an external boiler plate object? A. Field B. Frame C. Button D. Rectangle E. Link file Answer: E QUESTION 121: You are developing a report to allow customers in a department store to view product information. You added a button to the layout to allow customers to view the picture of the product. Which button property would you alter to specify the source of the .BMP file? A. Type B. Multimedia file C. Multi media file type D. Label type Answer: B QUESTION 122: You are creating a tabular report for the sales department with a department break group. You need Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-132 to ensure that if al least six sales records will not fit at the button of a page, the group will start on the next page. Which printing frame property would you alter to achieve these results? A. Source B. Print direction C. Maximum records per page D. Minimum Widow records E. Column mode Answer: D QUESTION 123: The registrar's office requested a report that lists each students, their advisors name and phone number. Each class has currently enrolled in and a great point average for each semester. To do this you need to pull data from the student, advisor, class and grade tables. From a performance point of view which data model options is preferable for data base access? A. Create one query and three additional groups. B. Create two query and two additional groups and then relate the groups. C. Create three queries and one additional group and then relate the groups. D. Create four queries and relate the groups. Answer: A QUESTION 124: In the data model you created this query: SELECT ID_no, description, price, quantity, manufacturer_ID FROM inventory Next you click and drag the manufacturer_ID column out of and above the default group. You needed to sort the child group by ID_number. How could you accomplish this task? A. Add an order by clause to the query. B. In the data model double click the ID_number column and alter the break order. C. In the layout model double click the ID_number filed and later the print direction. D. Default the layout, choose a master/detail report style and select ID_number as the break order. Answer: A QUESTION 125: The accounts receivable department requested a report with five columns of data several text fields and a graphic to be used as a customer invoice. After viewing the report users realize that one of the columns contains a redund data in the interest of performance. You want to remove the Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-132 corresponding data base column from the report. How would this be accomplished without altering the text and graphics in the body of the layout? A. Remove the column from the select statement. B. Delete the field from the layout. C. Remove the column from the select statement and default the layout. D. Remove the column from the select statement and delete the field from the layout. Answer: D QUESTION 126: You created an out standing accounts report for the accounts receivable department you saved the file to the database as a R10971. To adhere to your company's naming standard. Since the naming standard creates very simple report name your end user are often unsure that if they ran the right report. Which window could you use to overwrite the report title so that for the users it displays as out standing accounts? A. Tools (arrow sign) preference. B. Parameter form editor. C. Layout model. D. Report...
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