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Unformatted text preview: ult action of a key. QUESTION 90: You need to create a trigger to locate the Product report in the Rpt_Server, run the report, and test the status of the report. Which three built-ins would you use to accomplish this task? (Choose three) A. RUN_PRODUCT B. SET_REPORT_OBJECT_PROPERTY C. RUN_REPORT_OBJECT D. FIND_REPORT_OBJECT E. REPORT_OBJECT_STATUS F. COPY_REPORT_OBJECT_OUTPUT Answer: C, D, E Explanation: RUN_REPORT_OBJECT built-in Use this built-in to run a report from within a form. You can run the report against either a local or remote database server. Executing this built-in is similar using the RUN_PRODUCT built-in on a report. FIND_REPORT_OBJECT built-in Returns the report_id for a specified report. You can use this ID as a parameter for other built-ins, such as RUN_REPORT_OBJECT . REPORT_OBJECT_STATUS built-in Provides status of a report object run within a form by the RUN_REPORT_OBJECT built-in. QUESTION 91: Which two statements are true about mouse button variables? (Choose two) A. SYSTEM.MOUSE_BUTTON_PRESSED returns a string. Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-132 B. SYSTEM.MOUSE_BUTTON_PRESSED returns a numeric value. C. A possible value for SYSTEM.MOUSE_BUTTON_MODIFIERS is Control+Alt+Delete. D. SYSTEM.MOUSE_BUTTON_MODIFIERS can only be references in form-level triggers. E. SYSTEM.MOUSE_BUTTON_MODIFIERS identifies which special key was pressed in conjunction with the usual mouse button action. Answer: B, E Explanation: SYSTEM.MOUSE_BUTTON_PRESSED indicates the number of the button that was clicked, either 1, 2, or 3 (left, middle, or right). The value is always a character string. SYSTEM.MOUSE_BUTTON_MODIFIERS indicates the keys that were pressed during the click, such as SHIFT, ALT, or CONTROL. The value is always a character string. QUESTION 92: You have a master-detail relationship in the EMPLOYEE form module. You set the Delete Record Behavior property to Cascading. When a user deletes a master record, how does Forms implement the cascade-delete foreign-key rule? A. With a Pre-Delete trigger. B. With an On-Delete trigger. C. With a Post-Delete trigger. D. With the On-Check-Delete-Master trigger. Answer: A Explanation: The Pre-Delete trigger Manipulate a record prior to its being deleted from the database during the default Post and Commit Transactions process; for example, to prevent deletion of the record if certain conditions exist. QUESTION 93: What is the use for the SET_TIMER built-in? A. Retrieve the timer ID. B. Change the timer name programmatically. C. Determine what to do upon timer expiration. D. Set the repeat behavior without changing the time interval. Answer: D Explanation: Timers can be modified using the SET_TIMER built-in. Syntax: SET_TIMER ('timer_name', milliseconds, iterate); To keep a previously specified parameter value, you can specify NO_CHANGE. Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-132 QUESTION 94: What are three characteristics of the CALL_FORM built-in? (Choose three) A. It is an unrestricted procedureB. It is valid in Enter Query mode. C. It invokes a form in a modal window. D. It can only invoke a form in Query Only mode. E. It enables you to start a new database session. F. It enables free navigation between all opened form sin an application. Answer: A, B, C Explanation: The CALL_FORM built-in invokes a specified form as a modal window. It is unrestricted and can be executed during Enter Query mode. Example: CALL_FORM('customer'); QUESTION 95: You want to provide a tool that allows users quick access to form modules, by listing them in an Explorer-style interface. Which reusable component do you use? A. ActiveX controls B. Calendar Class C. Standard Object Library D. Picklist Class E. Wizard Class F. Navigator Class Answer: F Explanation: The Navigator class reusable component allows you to add an Explorer-style interface to your application. This type of interface is similar to the Object Navigator of the Oracle Developer builders. This component is found in the stndrd20.olb library. QUESTION 96: The users request that [F2], [F3], and [F4] be used to commit, rollback, and exit, respectively. How do you accomplish this? A. Add the appropriate PL/SQL code for each key. B. Map the logical keys to the physical keys, then add the appropriate PL/SQL code for each key. C. Create an object library to define the key triggers, then reference the object library in the form. D. This cannot be accomplished because other function keys provide this functionality by default. Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-132 Answer: B Explanation: Each local key should be mapped first to physical key. Then PL/SQL code can be add for each key to make function keys act as commit, rollback and exit actions. QUESTION 97: At design time, you create a query record group for the LOV associated with the HOTEL text item in a form module for the Travel Planner Application. When is the record group populated? A. When the user navigates to the HOTEL item. B. When the form module successfully compiles. C. After Form Builder validates the SELECT statement and dism...
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