Which tier of this architecture will spawn extra run

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Unformatted text preview: ur company has implemented the report's server three-tier architecture. From 4 to 5 P.M each day several departments begin running their daily reports. Which tier of this architecture will spawn extra run time engines to process the increased activity? A. Client B. Application C. Database server. D. These extra run time engines are not automatically created they must be initiated by the users executing the report. Answer: B QUESTION 107: You created a tabular report for the sales department to display each customer and the sales person assign to the customer. The data is sorted by customer using the order by clause in this query. This is department manager asks you to alter the report so that data is sorted by sales person rather than by customer. What is the best way to make the needed change? A. Recreate the query and default the layout. B. Alter the query, default the layout and redo the boiler plates. C. Query and manually change the layout to save the boiler plate. D. Alter the query and make no further change. Answer: D QUESTION 108: The CALC function is used several times within the sales report. To simplify maintenance you want to store the function in one place and call it from within your PL/SQL trigger code. Which node would you use in object navigator to create a report level programme unit to store the function? A. Programme units. B. PL/SQL libraries. C. Database object. D. Built in packages. Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-132 Answer: A QUESTION 109: You are developing an inventory report to list the item number, description price and picture of all inventory items. The layout of each item is a repeating frame that contains three fixed fields and a image. When possible you want all objects in the repeating frame to appear on the same logical page without creating blank pages between instances. Which pagination property would you alter to achieve these results? A. Page break before. B. Page break after. C. Page protect. D. Keep with anchoring object. Answer: C QUESTION 110: You are creating a report containing two headers and three tailor pages. You set the logical page size to 2 into 1. The body if the report is four logical pages. How many physical pages is the entire report? A. 36 B. 4 C. 9 D. 13 Answer: D QUESTION 111: The IT department requested a report to list each server name and the name of each department that utilizes resources from each server. You create a tabular layout that breaks on the server name. You ran the report and noticed that the department field is too large for most of the department names. Which field size setting would you use to allow the field to be smaller but not larger than the field layout size? A. Fixed B. Expand C. Contract D. Variable Answer: C Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-132 QUESTION 112: The IT department is creating a human resources application that will require several new tables. You need to develop a standard alone executable that will defines these tables and their relationships. Which developer/2000 component could you use to create the executable? A. Procedure builder. B. Query builder. C. Schema builder. D. Form builder. E. Project builder. F. Transactional builder. Answer: C QUESTION 113: You want to create a template to be used as a standard for all company reports. What is the easiest way to do this? A. Open an existing template file, rename it and modify the template objects. B. Open the report wizard and create a new template. C. Open the layout model and copy the paste items from the default templates provided in report builder. D. Templates cannot be modified in release 2. Answer: A QUESTION 114: In the data model you created two queries that produced two groups named employee and sales. The sales group is a child in the employee group. You establish a relationship between the two queries by creating a link. Which modifications would you make to the data link property sheet for this relationship? A. No modifications are needed because the default values represent the relationship. B. Modify the SQL clause to having and conditioned to like. C. Modify the SQL clause to where and condition to like. D. Modify the SQL clause to having and condition to =. Answer: A QUESTION 115: The sales report needs to display the sales person with the highest order total. Which build report builder component would you use to create a place holder column to display the value? Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-132 A. Report wizard. B. Layout model. C. Data model. D. Life previewer. Answer: C QUESTION 116: The accounts receivable department requested an accounts status to allow users to enter either a customer name, customer number, customer phone number and then display the customer out standing balance. You want to restrict the data retrieved based on values entered by the users. Which where clause would you write in the query to select statement to accomplish this task? A. &p_where_clause B. :p_where_clause C. WHERE CUST_ID=P_CUST_ID or cust_name=:p_cust_name or cust_phone=:p_cust_phone D. Where cust_ID=&p_custid cust_name=&p_cust_name or cust_phone=&p_cust_phone Answer: A QUESTION 117: The order entry department requested a report to display the average time to enter an order fro...
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