A the cursor will navigate to the custdata data block

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Unformatted text preview: UST_DATA data block and execute a query if default values have been provided. B. The cursor will navigate to the CUST_DATA data block and execute a query. C. The cursor will navigate to the CUST_DATA block, but the query will not execute because search values have not been provided. D. An error will occur because the trigger is syntactically incorrect. E. An error will occur because you cannot use the When-Button-Pressed trigger to navigate between data blocks. Answer: B QUESTION 116: You have created a master-detail form based on the DEPT and EMP tables. When there are no employees in a department, you want to display a different message to the user in place of the informative message FRM-40350 Query caused no records to be retrieved. You code a block-level ON-ERROR trigger on the EMP block with this code: IF ERROR CODE = 40350 THEN MESSAGE ('There are no employees in this department'); Else MESSAGE(ERROR_TYPE || '-' || TO_CHAR(ERROR_CODE) || ': ' Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-131 || ERROR_TEXT); END IF; When you run the form and navigate to a department which has no employees, the default FRM-40350 message appears, rather than the message you coded. How should you correct this? A. You should check for FORM_SUCCESS in the trigger. B. You should use an ON-MESSAGE trigger and MESSAGE_built-in functions. C. You should define the trigger at the form level, rather than the block level. D. You should raise a FORM_TRIGGER_FAILURE exception when the error is encountered. Answer: B QUESTION 117: Which two built-ins allow you to interact programmatically with a LOV? (Choose two) A. SHOW_LOV B. LIST_VALUES C. REFRESH_LOV D. SELECT_VALUE E. POPULATE_LOV Answer: A, B QUESTION 118: Which two operations create a text item? (Choose two) A. Use the Create icon in the Layout Editor. B. Convert an existing item into a text item by setting its item Type property. C. Use the text item tool in the Object Navigator. D. Use the text item tool in the Layout Editor. E. Select Field--->New--->Text item from the menu. Answer: B, D QUESTION 119: Which data type does the SHOW_ALERT built-in return? A. CHAR B. NUMBER C. VARCHAR2 D. BOOLEAN Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-131 Answer: B QUESTION 120: Which five events could cause a trigger to fire? (Choose five) A. committing changes B. getting an error C. clicking a button D. executing a query E. programmatically navigating to a different block F. programmatically setting an item's visual properties Answer: A, B, C, D, E QUESTION 121: Which built-in subprogram can be used to return the contents of a variable as an indirect reference? A. NAME_IN B. FIND_ITEM C. GET_ITEM_PROPERTY D. SET_ITEM_PROPERTY Answer: A QUESTION 122: Which trigger can you use to ensure that no dependent detail rows have been inserted by another user since the master record was marked for deletion from a form? A. Post-Insert B. Pre-Update C. Post-Delete D. Pre-Delete Answer: D QUESTION 123: Which two built-ins can initiate navigation programmatically? (Choose two) A. UP B. GO_FORM Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-131 C. NEW_BLOCK D. CLOSE_FORM E. SCROLL_BLOCK Answer: A, B QUESTION 124: Which three options does the Data Block Wizard allow you to select as a data source for a block? (Choose three) A. view B. table C. no data source D. stored procedure E. table of records F. FROM clause query G. Transactional trigger Answer: A, B, D QUESTION 125: Which dialog box allows you to enter complex search conditions using multiple variables? A. query where B. complex C. restricted D. unrestricted Answer: A QUESTION 126: How can you display both the CV_SALARY and CV_EMP content canvases at the same time? A. Assign both content canvasses to the same window. B. Assign each of the content canvasses to separate modeless windows. C. You must display both canvases through the same window. D. You cannot display two content canvases at the same time. Answer: B Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-131 QUESTION 127: You created a data block that contains more items than the window can display. When you scroll the window to display items outside the window frame, important items are out of view. What type of canvas can you use to create a scrolling region in the window? A. tab B. content C. stacked D. vertical toolbar E. horizontal toolbar Answer: C QUESTION 128: The Payroll application is causing excessive network traffic because users are querying the database for a large amount of records. You determine that when a user executes a query from the EMPLOYEE form, more records are returned than are needed. To help users streamline the search criteria, you want to force them to fill in at least two text items before the query will execute. Which type of trigger would you use to accomplish this task? A. KeyB. UponC. PreD. PostE. When Answer: C QUESTION 129: Which statement is true? A. A window can have only one content canvas. B. A window must have at least one content canvas. C. A content canvas can be assigned...
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