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Unformatted text preview: ked C. tab D. toolbar Answer: D QUESTION 78: If there is more than one trigger of the same type at different levels, how could you change the firing sequence of the lowest-level trigger? A. Define the trigger as a SmartTrigger. B. Right-click the trigger to set its priority. C. Set the Trigger Style property of the trigger. D. Set the Execution Hierarchy property of the trigger. E. Set the form module properties to override the default trigger firing sequence in the form. Answer: D QUESTION 79: Memory conservation is a priority. One application that may allow memory to be conversed is Payroll, because users rarely will use all the Forms items in the Payroll application. How can you set up the Payroll application to lead only the items needed? A. Create one form with several data blocks, and limit the navigation cycle to keep less used data blocks from loading. B. Create one form with several data blocks, map each data block to a different database table, and display only the items needed. C. Allow the Human Resources Department users access only to items that will require Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-131 updates. D. Modularize the application by creating many small forms and grouping frequently used items. Answer: D QUESTION 80: You have created a form with validation set at the record level. Users would like to be able to press a button to cause validation to occur immediately without committing changes or navigating out of the record. Which built-in would you call in the WhenButton-Pressed trigger to implement this? A. ENTER B. NEXT_ITEM C. LOCK_RECORD D. UPDATE_RECORD E. ISSUE_SAVEPOINT F. SET_BLOCK_PROPERTY G. GET_RECORD_PROPERTY Answer: A QUESTION 81: Exhibit. Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-131 Examine the form, both in Form Builder and in the run-time form that is depicted as it first comes up. What are the most likely settings for the properties Viewport X Position on Canvas and Viewport Y Position on Canvas? A. Viewport X Position 20, Viewport Y Position 60 B. Viewport X Position 40, Viewport Y Position 30 C. Viewport X Position 100, Viewport Y Position 10 D. Viewport X Position 0 (zero), Viewport Y Position 0 (zero) Answer: B Explanation: No exhibit provided. QUESTION 82: You created a master-detail form, but users are distracted by the default message that displays during each detail query to show that processing is taking place. Which line of code would you use to keep that message from displaying? A. SYSTEM.MESSAGE_LEVEL:='0'; B. SYSTEM.MESSAGE_LEVEL:='25'; C. SYSTEM.SUPPRESS_WORKING :='TRUE'; D. SYSTEM.SUPPRESS_WORKING :='FALSE'; Answer: C QUESTION 83: You have created an Orders table form with a master/detail relationship and decide to add some custom code. In which three-relation/handling PL/SQL program unit can you add this code? (Choose three) A. CLEAR_ALL_MASTER_DETAIL B. QUERY_MASTER_DETAIL C. CHECK_PACKAGE_FAILURE D. GET_APPLICATION_PROPERTY E. NEXT_ITEM F. ENTER_QUERY Answer: A, B, C QUESTION 84: You have created a master detail relationship for the Orders form. Which procedure is automatically created by form builder for this master detail relationship and called from an on-clear details trigger? Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-131 A. QUERY_MASTER_DETAILS B. GET_FORM_PROPERTY C. GET_RELATION_PROPERTY D. CLEAR_ALL_MASTER_DETAILS Answer: D QUESTION 85: When you originally created the inventory application all inventory items were static in nature. Now that new items are being added to the inventory periodically you want to change the original record group to include any new inventory items that are added. Which built-in can you use to convert this normal query record group into a query record group? A. POPULATE_GROUP_WITH_QUERY B. POPULATE_GROUP C. CREATE_GROUP_FROM_QUERY D. SET_GROUP_SELECTION Answer: A QUESTION 86: The general ledger application contains a form that uses Oracle graphics to display a pie chart for operating expenses by department. The user would be able to enter a specified accounting period to be displayed. Which built-in could you use to populate the record group to display data for a specified accounting period? A. CREATE_GROUP_FROM_QUERY B. POPULATE_LIST_WITH_QUERY C. FIND_GROUP D. POPULATE_GROUP Answer: C QUESTION 87: You are building an application for the Telemarketing department. You want to pace the Sales Reps through a questionnaire using alerts and a timer. Which built-in could you use to control the timer so that it expires every two minutes? A. GET_TIMER B. CREATE_TIME C. DELETE_TIMER Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-131 D. FIND_TIMER Answer: B QUESTION 88: Which menu item type would you create for an item that has pre-defined functionality such as cut, copy or paste? A. Check B. Radio C. Magic D. Macro E. Plane Answer: C QUESTION 89: At which level should you define a WHEN-WINDOW-ACTIVATED trigger? A. FORM B. BLOCK C. ITEM D. MENU Answer: A QUESTION 90: The payroll application utilizes form builder built-in. How should you store the...
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