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Unformatted text preview: rson B. :sales_person C. cust.sales_person D. :cust.sales_person Answer: D Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-131 QUESTION 63: What are three main components to consider when you design a trigger? (Choose three) A. Trigger code. B. Trigger type. C. Trigger menu. D. Trigger scope. E. Trigger navigation. F. Trigger validation. G. Trigger interaction. Answer: A, B, D QUESTION 64: Which circumstance will cause the Data Block Wizard to display the Master-Detail page? A. When you are creating a control block. B. When there is an existing block in the form. C. When you check the Enforce Data Integrity check box. D. When a foreign key exists in the database which relates to the table you are using as a data source. Answer: B QUESTION 65: In Form Builder you attempt to compile a trigger. You receive a compilation error that gives no clear indication of the problem. What are two likely causes? (Choose two) A. Dividing by zero. B. Missing semicolon. C. Mismatched quotes. D. Mistyped variable name. E. Trigger defined on wrong item. F. Trigger defined at wrong item. Answer: B, C QUESTION 66: In the Order Entry application, a form contains the ORD_IN data block. You need to create an item in the data block to display the customer's credit limit. Since users are not permitted to alter a customer's account information, this item should be a read-only Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-131 text box. What is the best method for accomplishing this task? A. Create a text Item tool in the Layout Editor to create the item and set the Item Property to 'No'. B. Use the Display Item tool in the Layout Editor to create the item and set the Item Property to 'No'. C. Use the Display Item tool in the Layout Editor to create the item and set the Column Name Property to the appropriate value. D. This task cannot be accomplished because a form module item cannot be a read-only text box. Answer: B QUESTION 67: When a user updates the Salary item, you want to ensure that the net value is higher than the existing value before it is inserted into the base table. Which trigger would you use? A. Pre-Commit B. On-Commit C. Post-Update D. Pre-Update E. Post-Form-Commit Answer: D QUESTION 68: You created a form that has two data blocks. Which two default navigation methods can a user employ to move the cursor from the first block to the second block? (Choose two) A. Press the [NEXT BLOCK] function key. B. Click an item in the second block with the mouse. C. Click the single right-arrow icon on the menu toolbar. D. Right-click an item in the first block, and choose Next Block from the pop-up menu. Answer: A, C QUESTION 69: Which chart style can you use in your form to represent values as the length of the column against the xaxis? A. Pie Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-131 B. Bar C. Mixed D. Column E. Line Answer: B QUESTION 70: What is one advantage of basing a data block on a FROM clause query? A. Performing joins, lookups and calculations on the server without having to define a view for everyone. B. Enter user defined parameters at run time. C. Using any PL/SQL code in the SELECT statement. D. Performing query and DML operations using a single SELECT statement using a subquery. Answer: A QUESTION 71: The account receivable application requires the use of two forms for posting payment transactions. The initiating form calls the second form and has pending changes. In which mode does form builder displays the called form? A. Normal mode. B. Post only mode. C. Commit mode. D. Enter query mode. Answer: B QUESTION 72: Which two built-in would you use to remove the HOUR_ALARM timer using the TIMER_ID parameter? (Choose two) A. FIND_TIMER B. CREATE_TIMER C. SET_TIMER D. DELETE_TIMER E. GET_APPLICATION_PROPERTY Answer: A, D Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-131 QUESTION 73: Depending on the user job roles the form needs to display one of the three menus. Which built-in could you use to control which menu displays in a bitmapped environment? A. SET_MENU_ITEM_PROPERTY B. HIDE_MEN C. SHOW_MENU D. MENU_REDISPLAY E. REPLACE_MANU Answer: A QUESTION 74: You are developing a new application and have stored all of your pre-development survey results in MSExcel. Which project builder component can you use to provide an easy means of access to this application? A. Global registry B. Launcher C. User subclass D. Project navigator Answer: B QUESTION 75: Which reusable developer2000 component could you use to customize the smart class with frequently used object? A. Active X Controls. B. Calender Class. C. Standard Object Library. D. Pick List Class. E. Wizard Class. F. Navigator Class. Answer: C QUESTION 76: Which three properties add functionality to a text item? (Choose three) A. Window B. Multi-Line Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-131 C. Wrap Style D. Raise on Entry E. Execution Style F. Case Restriction G. Horizontal Scroll Bar Answer: B, C, F QUESTION 77: Which canvas-view type would you create to provide users an alternative to menu driven applications? A. content B. stac...
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