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Unformatted text preview: swer: C QUESTION 49: Which master detail property would you use to delete the master record, but prevent detailed records from being deleted? A. Non-isolated B. Cascading - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-131 C. Isolated D. Restricted delete Answer: C QUESTION 50: You need to allow the user to toggle between automatic query and no automatic query using a popup menu. Which built-in could you use in the menu item command to obtain the relationship name? A. GET_RELATION_PROPERTY B. SET_RELATION_PROPERTY C. GET_BLOCK_PROPERTY D. GET_FORM_PROPERTY Answer: A QUESTION 51: You are creating the SAL_INFO data block on the EMP_QUERY form. The Salary field should only be populates if the logged on user is a manager. Since this query could potentially return a large number of record. You want to limit the records returned to 20 at a time. Which data source type should you base in data block? A. From clause query. B. Database Table. C. Database View. D. The client side procedure using the LOV. E. Stored procedure using a table of records. F. Stored procedure using a RED cursor. Answer: F QUESTION 52: The Orders form contains the dynamic list items, which you want to be loaded with the values from the queries record group for the items field. Which built-in can you use to populate this list items with the values from the Record group? A. RETRIEVE LIST B. GET_LIST_ELEMENT_VALUE C. POPULATE_LIST_WITH_QUERY D. POPULATE_LIST E. CLEAR_LIST - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-131 Answer: D QUESTION 53: When a user attempts to drag and drop an item in the Sales form the cursor property style should appear as BUSY. Which built-in would you use to alter the appearance of the cursor? A. SET_ITEM_PROPERTY B. SET_APPLICATION_PROPERTY C. GET_VIEW_PROPERTY D. SET_VIEW_PROPERTY E. SHOW_VIEW Answer: B QUESTION 54: You created a report in form builder and want to set the destination type to File. Where can you set the report destination type? A. Use the copy_report_output built-in in a trigger. B. Set the format in the report object property palette. C. Set the report destination type using the report wizard. D. Set the format in the form property sheet. Answer: B QUESTION 55: You are creating a custom menu module and want to use custom username substitution parameter. How must substitution parameters be defined? A. User character variable of type CHAR. B. Two character variable of type CHAR. C. Four character variable of type NUMBER. D. Twenty five character variable of type CHAR. Answer: B QUESTION 56: You are planning a new application and want to limit the use of key triggers where possible. What is one region you would have to use key triggers in the application? - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-131 A. Perform validation using function keys. B. Replace default functionality of function keys. C. Perform data manipulation using function keys. D. Amend navigation using function keys. Answer: B QUESTION 57: You are working on a complex project that includes many different file types. What is available in the project navigator to allow you to see the source file on which another object is based? A. Project view. B. Dependency view. C. Global registry. D. User registry. Answer: B QUESTION 58: You establish access to menu modules using rules. You have allowed the sales role to access the menu module but prevented access to the update menu item. Which item property would you alter to gray out the menu option for the role? A. Item Roles. B. Menu Item Roles. C. Displays without privilege. D. Use Security. E. Command Type. Answer: C QUESTION 59: You are developing the payroll application that contains the SALARY and COMMISSION forms. When a user invoked the COMMISSION form from the SALARY form, the SAL value should be passed to the COMMISSION form. In which form and what time should you define the parameter to accept the value? A. Salary form at run time. B. Salary form at design time. C. Commission for at runt time. D. Commission form at design time. - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-131 Answer: C QUESTION 60: Which built-in allows you to dynamically change the alert message text? A. SET_ALERT_MESSAGE B. SET_ALERT_PROPERTY C. CHANGE_ALERT_PROPERTY D. CHANGE_MESSAGE_ALERT Answer: B QUESTION 61: You want to skip validation on one of the items in a form, so that validation is not performed on that particular item. How could you do this? A. Set the item's Item Is Valid property. B. Set the item's Automatic Skip property. C. Set the item's Database Item property to No. D. Set the validation unit to Record instead of Item. Answer: B QUESTION 62: In the Customer application, you want to display the salesperson's name for each customer. In the CUST block, you create a display item, salesperson. The display item will be populates using a WHEN-VALIDATE-ITEM trigger on the Cust_id text item. This is the trigger code: SELECT name INTO ________ FROM employee WHERE id = :cust.cust_id; Choose the option that best completes the INTO clause. A. sales_pe...
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