How should you store the plsql code to provide

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Unformatted text preview: PL/SQL code to provide optimal performance? A. Partition the application. B. Store the entire application on the server site. C. Store the PL/SQL as an attached library on the Oracle server. D. Store the PL/SQL code in the database triggers. Answer: C QUESTION 91: Which restricted built-in can you use in the multiform application to allow the user to freely navigate between two forms toggling back and forth to insert data in form2 and return to original form? - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-131 A. OPEN_FORM B. CALL_FORM C. CLOSE_FORM D. EXIT_FORM Answer: A QUESTION 92: Which object can you create to invoke a LOV? A. button B. image item C. list item D. combo box Answer: A QUESTION 93: The primary key of the ORD table is made up of two columns. You do not want to validate the two corresponding items in the ORD_DATA data block until the user attempts to leave the data block. How could you control when validation is initiated? A. Use the two When-Validate-Item triggers at the data block level. B. Use a When-Validate-Record trigger at the data block level. C. You must use a When-Validate-Item trigger at the form level. D. You must validate each item at the item level. Answer: B QUESTION 94: Which two statements about list items are true? (Choose two) A. A list item must have an access key. B. A list item can be true, false, or null. C. A list item is an alternative to a radio group. D. A value in a list item can be set programmatically. E. A list item can be used to select more than one value at the same time. Answer: C, D QUESTION 95: Click the Exhibit button. - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-131 What happens when a user clicks the red X icon on the default menu toolbar? A. The current record is removed from the block. B. The current record is deleted from the database. C. The current record is blanked out to enable entry of new data. D. The current record is placed at the end of the block's list of records. Answer: B QUESTION 96: Click the Exhibit button. Which property group in the Property Palette of a text item would you expand to show the properties that control the way the data is displayed and entered? A. Data B. Editor C. Records D. Database E. Functional F. Calculation Answer: C - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-131 QUESTION 97: You are customizing default functionality of an image item so that the image displays when a user single-clicks the item. Which trigger would you use to accomplish the task? A. When-New-Item-Instance B. When-Image-Activated C. When-Image-Pressed D. When-Validate-Item Answer: C QUESTION 98: You are building a payroll application and are planning to use as many generic programming units as possible. Which built-in can you use across the application to obtain the name of the current form for navigation purposes? A. GET_APPLICATION_PROPERTY B. GET_FORM_PROPERTY C. GET_BLOCK_PROPERTY D. GET_ITEM_PROPERTY Answer: A QUESTION 99: The menu tool bar icons do not in the order that you want. Which two ways can you change the order of the items? (Choose two) A. Alter the order of the menu items in the object navigator. B. Change the order of the menu items in the menu editor. C. Click and drag the icons in the layout editor to the appropriate position. D. Cut and paste in the layout editor to position the icons. E. Use the select tool in the menu editor to position the icons. Answer: A, B QUESTION 100: You establish access to menu modules using roles. While testing the application you need access to all menus in the Sales form module for all the rows. Which method will overwrite the menu modules roles property to allow you to access all the menu items? A. Disable the values for the menu module roles property. B. Set the use security value in the form module property palette to True. - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-131 C. Set the use security value in the form module property palette to False. D. Set the use security value in the menu module property palette to true. E. Set the use security value in the menu module property palette to False. Answer: E QUESTION 101: You have built a new pay roll application and want to control user access to the various menus and forms. Which Oracle server feature can you company's-ordinate with form builder to control access and set privileges within the menu application? A. DDL B. Locking C. Built-in database packages. D. Database Rolls. E. Declarative integrity constraints. Answer: D QUESTION 102: Which reusable developer2000 component could you use to provide a tool to allow users quick access to form modules by listing them in an explorer style interface? A. Active X controls. B. Calender Class. C. Standard Object Library. D. Pick List Class. E. Wizard Class. F. Navigator Class. Answer: F QUESTION 103: Which two properties specify coordinates of the stacked canvas viewport relative to upper left corner of the stacked canvas? (Choose two) A. Viewport X Position B. Viewport Y Position C. Viewport X Position on Canvas D....
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