Question 24 which built in subprogram can you use to

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Unformatted text preview: N 24: Which built-in subprogram can you use to navigate to the instance of the current item in the previous record? A. PREVIOUS_RECORD B. UP C. SCROLL_BACK D. PREVIOUS_BLOCK Answer: B Explanation : UP built-in Navigates to the instance of the current item in the record with the next lowest sequence number. QUESTION 25: You are building a new application using generic code where possible, accessing Forms variable names at runtime. Which two built-ins can you use to access the Form - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-131 variables? (Choose two) A. COPY B. NAME_IN C. DISPLAY_ITEM D. GET_FORM_PROPERTY E. GET_PARAMETER_LIST F. GET_APPLICATION_PROPERTY Answer: E, F Explanation : GET_PARAMETER_LIST Searches the list of parameter lists and returns a parameter list ID when it finds a valid parameter list with the given name. And SET_APPLICATION_PROPERTY return property values of the application. Both can be used to access the form variables. QUESTION 26: Exhibit. All items have been created with default properties. There is a Pre-Text-Item trigger on Item B with the following code: if :blockname.item_b> '10' then raise form_trigger_failure; end if; The cursor is in Item A. You press [Tab]. Which statement is true? A. Input focus will change to Item C. B. External navigation will not occur. C. Internal navigation will not occur. D. The form will exit due to a fatal error. E. A message indicating navigation failure will automatically be displayed. Answer: C Explanation : Pre-Text-Item Perform an action before Form Builder navigates to a - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-131 text item from the record level. No internal navigation will occur when moving from the text item to another. QUESTION 27: There is a column in the EMPLOYEE database table that indicates whether an employee is salaried or paid by the hour. This column has a NOT NULL constraint, and is currently a text item in a form that you are developing. You are converting the existing text item to a check box. You change the Item Type property to Check Box in the item's Property Palette. To make the check box look and function as needed, what are three of the other properties you should set? (Choose three) A. Label B. Data Type C. Initial Value D. Maximum Length E. Copy Value from Item F. Value When Unchecked G. Synchronize with Item Answer: A, C, F Explanation : When converting the text item to a checkbox item the Label , Initial value and the value when checked must be set for the check box. QUESTION 28: Which master detail property would you use to delete the master record, but prevent detail records from being deleted? A. Non-isolated B. Cascading C. Isolated D. Restricted Answer: C Explanation : The Master Deletes property of a relation identifies how deletions in a master block are handled. In this scenario, you wanted to delete all detail records when a master record was deleted. To do so, you should set the Master Deletes property of the relation to Cascading. Default is not a valid Master Deletes property. When the Master Deletes property is set to Non-Isolated, master records cannot be deleted if associated detail records exist. When the Master Deletes property is set to Isolated, master record deletions only affect the master records, and any associated detail records remain intact. QUESTION 29: The items form contains the master detail relationship for inventory items and inventory - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-131 stock available. Users may delete an inventory item if the QUANTITY_ON_HAND=0. Which commit trigger can you use to implement a cascade delete for the item? A. Post-Delete B. Pre-Delete C. Post-Forms-Commit D. On-Delete Answer: B Explanation : The Pre-Delete trigger, which is a Pre-DML trigger, will fire four times. It fires once for each record that is marked for delete, just before the row is deleted in the database. The Pre-Delete trigger fires before a row is deleted during the Post and Commit Transactions process. QUESTION 30: You are creating the SAL_INFO data block on the EMP_QUERY form. The SALARY field should only be populated if the logged on. Since this query can return a large number of records. You have created a stored procedure, which uses a REF cursor on which to base the data block. How would you create the data block? A. Click the data blocks mode in the object navigator and click the create button. Choose to create the data block manually and enter the procedure name in the query data force columns property and the procedure code in the query data source arguments property. B. Choose tools -> Data block, select table as the data source type and place the data block on the columns included in the procedure. C. Select the data block node in the object navigator and click the create button. Choose to build the data block manually. Alter the query data source type property to REF cursor and enter the name of the procedure in the query data source name property. D. Select the data blocks nose in the object navigator and click the create button. Alter...
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