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Unformatted text preview: m. When the called form is exited Form Builder processing resumes in the calling form at the point from which you initiated the call to CALL_FORM. QUESTION 7: The DBA has indicated that lock contention is occurring in the payroll application. To reduce contention you create a timer that will display an alert prompting the user to commit a rollback data after they have held a lock for a specified period of time. Which built-in could you use in a When-Timer-Expired trigger to implement this functionality? A. FIND_TIMER B. CREATE_TIMER C. SET_TIMER D. DELETE_TIMER E. GET_APPLICATION_PROPERTY Answer: C Explanation : SET_TIMER Changes the settings for an existing timer. You can modify the interval, the repeat parameter, or both. It can be used with SET_APPLICATION_PROPERTY to get the last timer that was expired. Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-131 QUESTION 8: You need to change the text of popup menu that appears when a user right clicks the mouse in the EMP_DATA block. Where could you find the node for the popup menu in the object navigator? A. Built-in packages B. Menus C. PL/SQL libraries D. Object libraries E. Form Answer: E Explanation : The popup menu node is found in the Form in the Object Navigator. QUESTION 9: What is the first step you would take to attack a custom menu module to a form module? A. Generate the menu module. B. Regenerate the form module that the menu will be attached toC. Designate the location of the form module. Answer: A Explanation : After building the menu module it needs to generate the menu module to build the .MMX file then attach the file to the form module. QUESTION 10: You are modifying the order entry application and want to disable all function keys that have not been explicitly defined. Which trigger can you define to accomplish this? A. KEY-OTHERS B. KEY-LISTVAL C. BACKEY-FN D. KEY-UP Answer: A Explanation : A Key-Others trigger fires when an operator presses the associated key. A Key-Others trigger is associated with all keys that can have key triggers associated with them but are not currently defined by function key triggers (at any level). A Key-Others trigger overrides the default behavior of a Runform function key (unless one of the restrictions apply). When this occurs, however, Form Builder still displays the function key's default entry in the Keys screen. Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-131 QUESTION 11: You are new to the development staff and need to determine the file system location for a file in a project you are working on. Where can you obtain this information from within project builder? A. Property palette. B. Global registry. C. User registry. D. Project view. Answer: B Explanation : Project builder save the information about the current projects in the Global Registry. QUESTION 12: You are creating a general ledger application and want the detain for posted general applications to be stored in a temporary table before they are committed to the general_entry table. Which built-in can you use in a pre-commit trigger to create this temporary table? A. FORMS_OLE B. FORMS_DDL C. USER:EXIT D. HOST Answer: B Explanation : FORMS_DDL Issues dynamic SQL statements at runtime, including serverside PL/SQL and DDL. All DDL operations issue an implicit COMMIT and will end the current transaction without allowing Form Builder to process any pending changes, as well as losing any locks Form Builder may have acquired. QUESTION 13: You have created a customized menu. You want users to be bale to run a SQL report form menu item without having to provide their username and password. Which two predefined substitution parameters can you use? (Choose two) A. TT B. PW C. SO D. UN E. ADMINISTRATOR Answer: B, D Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-131 Explanation : RUN_PRODUCT can run a SQL report from menu itme. PW and UN are predefined substitution parameters that you can use. QUESTION 14: You need to include a calender class in the orders_entry forms so users can quickly select a date for the ship_date field. Which trigger could you use to display the calender when a user invokes the list of values for the ship_date field? A. KEY-LISTVAL B. WHEN-NEW-ITEM-INSTANCE C. WHEN-LIST-ACTIVATED D. WHEN-MOUSE-ENTERED Answer: A Explanation : KEY-LISTVAL trigger is used to display lists. Calendar class can be displayed using the KEY-LISTVAL trigger when user invokes the list of values. QUESTION 15: You have created a multiform payroll application. Which built-in can you use to perform navigation between open forms? (Choose three) A. NEW_FORM B. CALL_FORM C. GO_FORM D. PREVIOUS_FORM E. NEXT_FORM Answer: C, D, E Explanation : CALL_FORM opens the form in modal view and NEW_FORM will hide the current calling form. GO_FORM, PREVIOUS_FORM and NEXT_FORM can navigate through an open forms in the application. QUESTION 16: You modify the layout of a block using the Layout Wizard. When you are finished, you notice that there is an additional frame on your canvas and in the Object Navigator. Wh...
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