A formswebcfg and defaultenv b ftracecfg and

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Unformatted text preview: ied to configure Forms Trace? A. FORMSWEB.CFG and DEFAULT.ENV B. FTRACE.CFG and DEFAULT.ENV C. FORMSWEB.CFG and FTRACE.CFG D. FORMSWEB.CFG, FTRACE.CFG, and DEFAULT.ENV Answer: D QUESTION 82: You created a OLE container in a form by converting the item type of an existing item from Text Item to OLE Container. When you try to compile the form, you receive an error pertaining to that item. What is the most likely cause of the error? A. You cannot create an OLE container this way in Oracle9i Forms; you must create it with the OLE tool in the Layout Editor. B. Oracle9i Forms enforces requirements more tightly than previous versions did, so you must specify an initial object to insert into the OLE container. C. The OLE Container item type is an operating system-specific item type cannot be used in Oracle9i Forms. D. Oracle9i Forms enforces the requirement that OLE items be displayed, but you did no change the item's Canvas property so that the item is displayed on a canvas. Answer: C QUESTION 83: Which file conta...
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