A it is built on top of the c forms api b it replaces

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Unformatted text preview: t is built on top of the C Forms API. B. It replaces the C Forms API (CFAPI) that was available in Forms 6i. C. It enables invocation of the C Forms API from a Java program. D. It is unrelated to the C Forms API because its functionality is completely different. Answer: A QUESTION 6: Which statement best describes what JavaBeans enable you to do? A. Change the function and appearance of Forms items such as check boxes and radio buttons. B. Integrate Java code from the middle tier and from external Web services. C. Enable Forms to make use of Java code in the database by calling a Java stored procedure. D. Extend and customize the functionality of a form by embedding a Java component. Answer: D QUESTION 7: Exhibit: ***MISSING*** You migrated an application from Forms 4.5 to Oracle9iForms. One of the forms in the application is a registration form for new users of your company's Web site. The exhibit depicts the Layout Editor for this registration form, along with the PL/SQL Editor that shows the When-Validate-Item trigger on the required user_id item. In t...
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