A set a breakpoint in the pre query trigger b set a

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Unformatted text preview: ction should you take in Forms Builder? A. Set a breakpoint in the Pre-Query trigger. B. Set a Break on Exception on the 6502 exception. C. Look at the Form Value panel to see the value of the parameter. D. Right-click in the Watch panel, select Parameter from the pop-up menu, and add the parameter to the watch list so that you can see its value. Answer: B QUESTION 102: Which statement about the Debug Console is true? A. The Stack panel always appears in it. B. It must be invoked using the Debug menu of Forms Builder. C. The toolbar contains buttons that dock or unlock the panels of the Debug Console. D. You can choose which panels to display in it by using the Debug menu of Forms Builder. Answer: D QUESTION 103: You are running a form in debug mode and you begin to step through the code of a lengthy subprogram. After stepping through a few lines of its code, you realize that the error comes not from the code in that particular subprogram but from code that is executed after it. At this point, wha...
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