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Unformatted text preview: to the user's Web browser as an HTML page. - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-140 Answer: A QUESTION 98: You need to obtain a valid Forms XML schema file to be used in your XML software or parser. What must you do? A. Use the XML Validator utility to obtain the Forms XML schema file. B. Manually generate the schema using the SchemaGenerator tool. C. Use the Forms to XML conversion utility to generate the Forms XML schema file. D. Use the XML to Forms conversion utility to generate a schema internally at validation from the Forms metadata in the JDAPI. Answer: B QUESTION 99: You are troubleshooting an Oracle9i Forms application in which a user reports intermittent FRM errors, although the application continues to run. Which tool could you use to log information about the application that would help you determine what is causing the errors? A. Forms Trace B. Servlet Logging C. Forms Runtime Diagnostics D. Performance Event Collection System. Answer: A QUESTION 100: Which three tasks ca...
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