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Unformatted text preview: o set the module access to Database. Answer: A QUESTION 70: Exhibit: ***MISSING*** You are upgrading a Human Resources application that was developed in Forms 6i. Although the .fmx files exist on the file system, you are not able to find .fmb files. When you open the Forms 6i Builder and click Open File, you see the window that is shown in the exhibit. Which two methods can you use to upgrade this application to Oracle9i Forms? (Choose two) A. Open each module from the database in the Oracle9i Forms builder and save it. B. Open each module from the database in the Forms 6i Builder, save it to the file system, open the module from the file system in the Oracle9i Forms Builder, and save it again. C. Create the Oracle9i Forms base tables in the database. Then open each module from the database in the Oracle9i Forms Builder and save it. D. Use the Oracle9i Forms Migration Assistant and set an option in the CONVERTER.PROPERTIES file to access the modules from the database. E. Run the Forms 6i Compiler on the...
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