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Unformatted text preview: o integrate JavaBeans into Forms. Answer: B QUESTION 76: Exhibit: ***MISSING*** The Orders form was developed using Forms 6i and uses RUN_PRODUCT to call an invoice report. You used the Oracle9i Forms Migration Assistant to upgrade the Orders form, which changed the RUN_PRODUCT call to use RUN_REPORT_OBJECT. You run the upgraded form and click the Invoice button, which invokes the report. However, you receive the error message that is shown in the exhibit. What should you do to avoid this problem? A. Set the REPSERV environment variable before running the Migration Assistant. B. There is no way for Migration Assistant to know the reports server name, so you must modify the form after upgrading it to specify which reports server to use. C. Run the Migration Assistant with the REPSERVERNAME command line argument to specify the reports server. D. Set the default REPORTS_SERVERNAME Migration Assistant property to specify the name of the reports server to be used when converting RUN_PRODUCT calls. E. Set the SERVER= property in the Reports Servlet properties file; the Migration Assistant looks here to find the default reports server w...
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